3 Way Ball Valve

What Is a 3 way Ball Valve?

2 way ball valve and 3 way ball valve are the most common types of ball valves. But 3 way ball valves are typically preferred because they are easier to set up and make gas/fluid control easier. As the name suggests, a 3 way ball valve has three ports or openings. The function of the ports is to connect the piping for gas or fluid to pass through. Usually, there are inlet ports and outlet ports in the application of a 3 way ball valve. The setup can be either 1 outlet with 2 inlets or 2 outlets with 1 inlet, depending on how users design their piping system.

Another reason why a 3 wall ball valve is a popular alternative of a 2 way ball valve is because it can do everything a 2 way counterpart can do, only better. If you install a 3 way ball valve, it works as if you have two 2 way ball valves in your system. This not only reduces cost and streamlines the process. And the gas/fluid flow becomes easier to control in only a single valve body.

The Functions

3 way ball valves are known for their versatility, here are some of their major functions:

● It does what any valve is supposed to do: to cut or shut off the gas/fluid flow.
● It can switch/combine/alternate flow between two different sources.
● If your system has only 1 inlet, a 3 way ball valve helps divert flow coming from one source to one of the outlets.
● If your system has 2 inlets, a 3 way ball valve helps you split flow coming from one source to two outlets. The amount of gas/fluid flow can be determined by your system design.

2 Way vs. 3 Way 

Do keep in mind that 2 way ball valves are still quite popular. The function is to shut off and control the gas/fluid flow in the pipe system. The biggest advantage of a 2 way ball valve is the simplicity of structure, making it easy to maintain and manipulate. However, the downside is that it only has a single straight hole for gas/liquid to passes through the valve.

3 way ball valves, on the other hand, are more versatile since they are equipped with 3 connections for the pipe system. The structure is still simple but can solve more complex flow control needs. That is why more and more users now turn to 3 way ball valves and replace the 2 way counterpart.

Why Does the Valve Handle Matter?

When it comes to controlling the valves, the handle is what you need to rely on. That is why handle selection can be very important. It decides the direction and the amount of the gas/fluid flow. By rotating the valve handle, you can operate the valve as your wish. You can see it as an extension of the valve that enables users to handle the whole thing.

Generally speaking, your valve product will come with a matching handle that is suitable for the intended operations. If the handle is worn out, you may have to contact the manufacturer to get it repaired or ask for a new replacement.  


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