3PC Ball Valve

What Is a 3PC Ball Valve?

A ball valve can come in one, two, or three pieces, and taking other specifications into account, the options just seem endless. 1 piece ball valves are generally less expensive. 2 piece ball valves feature two separate pieces that are either threaded or of bolt/flange assembly. A 3 piece ball valve (i.e. 3PC ball valve), as you may have guessed, consists of three pieces, two end caps, and a body. The end caps are threaded, flanged, or welded to connect the pipe on either side. 

Why Use a 3PC Ball Valve?

To this day, many opt for a 3 piece ball valve rather than the 1 and 2 piece counterpart because of its more convenient and versatile nature, especially for applications that put heavy demands on valves. When seats and seals need to be replaced, the three piece design makes it easy to disassemble without having to cut the pipe. 3 piece ball valves also enable change to elastomer in response to different parameters, such as temperature, pressure, and flows. Another reason why many prefer the 3 piece valve is the ability to move the body with trim out of the way during welding, which ensures the internals remain the way they were. 

What Are the Main Features? 

To get a closer look, the key features of 3 piece ball valve will are outlined as follows:

● Built to last: How 3 piece ball valves differ from their previous models lie in the material used. They are typically manufactured using high grade stainless steel to ensure maximum rigidity as well as rust resistance. This allows 3 piece ball valves to perform well in challenging environments even for extended periods of time. They are also the best candidate for applications in which high temperature environments are involved.

● Ease of disassembly: Another distinguishing benefit of a 3 piece ball valve is how easy and quickly it is to strip down to its component parts. This is especially important when you are required to clean the inner parts of the valve routinely. The easy disassembly allows every part to be clean separately and thoroughly before putting them back together. This makes sure that your valve will always be performing at the required level. 

● Easy repair: Unlike 1 and 2 piece ball valves, you don’t have to undertake complete removal from the line in order to repair a 3 piece ball valve yourself. You simply remove the screws or bolts on each side, and the body will swing out so that the seats and seals can be replaced.

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