PVC Ball Valve

Introduction of PVC Ball Valve

PVC ball valve is one kind of shut-off valve that made of PVC (polyvinyl chloride), a kind of synthetic resin made from the polymerization of vinyl chloride. The PVC is commonly used in manufacturing domestic and industrial products.

This kind of valve is usually used in a wide range. Since its durability, from family to factories, PVC ball valves can be found. Moreover, they are cost-effective, and can be used for a wide variety of media, including water, air, corrosive chemicals, acids, and bases.

However, comparing with ball valves made by metals like brass and stainless steel, although PVC ball valves cost less than the metal ones, they are less strong than the latter one.

Because PVC is a kind of plastic synthetic resin, they bear less temperature and pressure resistance, and proved lower mechanical strength. In addition, they are mostly used in families that do not require the ball valve to be durable for decades.

Working Principle of PVC Ball Valve

Inside the ball valve, there contains a sphere part which controls the liquid flow through the valve. The sphere part has a hole in the middle and the whole sphere part is spinnable. Whether the valve should be opened or closed are controlled by the valve handle.

When the valve is opened, that means it links the two sides inside a tube with the hollow surface. Thus, the liquid would be able to flow through the tube and go to the place it should go.

On the other hand, when the valve is turned 90 degree, the surface without any holes will stock both sides of the tube and stop the liquid flow.

Ways of Repairing a Leaking PVC Ball Valve

Generally, under the correct way of using, the lifespan of a PVC ball valve is about 15 to 20 years. However, it is unavoidable that all materials will be broken one day.

The most common problem PVC products encounter is the wear and tear of the sphere part. When the sphere part is abrased, it would be smaller than before that could not fill up the space in the pipe. Then, the problem of leaking would be arisen. This can be the fatal injury of PVC products that makes them useless and would be throw away as the trash.

Fortunately, there are ways to repair the leaking PVC ball valves. 

Before starting the repairing process, make sure the necessary tools in this list is ready:

● Screw
● Screwdriver
● Allen Wrench
● Replacement Parts
● Lubricating Oil or Petroleum Jelly
● Dry Cloth or Sponge

Then, follow the steps below to repair an abrased sphere parts in the PVC ball valve:

1. Turn Off the Supply of Water
This is for prevent potential disrupt when the repairing work is taking process.

After the supply of water is turned off, the next step would be drain out the excess water and wipe the valve by a dry cloth or sponge.

Then, remove the handle that holds the PVC ball valve together and remove the ball valve by the Allen wrench or the screwdriver.

2. Disassemble the Ball Valve and Replace the Worn out Parts
Remember to keep all the small parts carefully, otherwise, the reassemble process would meet some difficulties.

This step is for checking problems of the ball valve. Usually, it would be an abrased sphere part. Then, disassemble the sphere part and replace it with a new one. it is important to make sure the size of the sphere part is correct, otherwise the problem would not be solved.

3. Assemble the Ball Valve Back
This is the last step of repairing process. Before doing this step, please check if the parts of the ball valve are placed in the right place. After reassembling all the parts back, remember to do the leaking test to make sure the repairing works.

Pros and Cons of PVC Valves

The main elements of ball valves are either metals or PVC. Each of them has featured advantages. However, light comes with shadows, shortages can also be found on both.

In this section, valve made of the two elements would be compared.

Below are featured advantages of PVC ball valve:

Cost less
Since PVC is not an expensive material, product made of PVC would not cost the buyer too much money. It would definitely less than metal ones.

Lightweight, durable, and long service life
Compared with metal ball valves, PVC is much lighter. PVC is a strong material that can last for 15 to 20 years without natural broken.

However, compare to the stainless (or brass) one, PVC ball valve is not durable enough for industrial use. 

Would not be corroded
Since the PVC can bear the damage of chemicals, acids, and bases, products made of PVC, including PVC ball valve, is not easy to be corroded. However, since PVC is a kind of plastic, this feature might be a problem to damage the environment.

● Able to bear pressure from outside
Although PVC ball valves are lightweight, they can be considered as the strongest plastic that are not easy to be broken. Therefore, compared with other plastic valves, PVC ball valves can bear more pressure.

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