Angle Lock Vice

An angle lock vice is basically a vise that is equipped with two set of screws in the fixed jaw that ensures the vise does not tilt backwards when a very high clamping force is applied. The iron leadscrew cover protects leadscrew from swarf. Both sides of the angle lock vice slideways are heat treated. Angle lock vice mechanism creates downward pressure on the jaw that ensures both jaws are parallel during clamping. The needle bearing thrust collar cuts friction and increases clamping pressures 80 percent.

An angle lock vice leaves the user's hands free. It is a tool that offers greater strength and stability to a user, compared with holding an object by hand. Angle lock viscs can be permanent or portable, and are available in either portable or permanent versions. Portable types can be moved and then quickly clamped to any convenient work surface, whereas permanent types are attached securely to a worktop by screwing bolts into the provided holes.

Angle lock vices can hold large and heavy objects, and permanent angle lock vices are most commonly used, as they are capable of clamping large or heavy objects safely without risk of the angle lock vice falling off an object. The angle lock vices are used in many industries to clamp a workpiece and is used on a regular basis by workers in industrial trades such as engineering, construction and manufacturing. However, it is also an essential tool to many DIYers and non trades people.

Three Kinds of Angle Lock Vice Recommendations for you to Purchase

● Swivel Base Angle Lock Vice

A swivel base angle lock vice is made of high quality ductile iron 8000 PSI for minimum distortion. It has high clamping power, and is very accurate and durable when in use. Angle lock vices are also designed that the horizontal force generated by tightening the handle pushes the semi sphere within the movable jaw and thus thrusts the movable jaw downwards. Therefore the workpiece does not move up, even if it is held at the top of the jaw plates. If the angle lock vice is made swivel base, which is graduated through 360 degrees. It is designed with a precision ground face for accuracy.

● Hydraulic Angle Lock Visc 

A Hydraulic angle lock vice has a body that is durable for long term use. It is equipped with a down thrust with semi sphere to prevent work piece lift. The bed of a Hydraulic angle lock vice is hardened to HRC45° and maintains accuracy for long. The vise slide chunk can be taken out, which makes it more convenient for the user to clean away chips and the inside part of vise. Vise bed height size and guide block side are all made with full control that can enable two, three or four vises to perform a job simultaneously at a time. 

● Metal Angle Lock Vice

If looking for a benchtop angle lock vice that will not hurt the planned budget, it is recommended metal angle lock vices to be purchased. All the main machine parts are made of durable metal, including the spindle, slider, tailstock, and pedestal. One of the best things about this kind of vise is its size. Not only is it lightweight, it is also very compact and can fit on even a crowded workbench. This is a great tool for hobbyists or students because it is easy to use and inexpensive while still providing the necessary accuracy and precision. A metal angle lock vice is perfect for anyone looking for something that will not break the bank but still performs with accuracy and precision. It is small, lightweight, and a great choice for students or beginners.

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