CNC Vices

What are CNC vices?

CNC vices are one type of machine vices, which are used for fixing the workpieces to operate further machining through the automatic control of machine tools and 3D printers from a computer. Within different types of machine vices, CNC is relatively an advanced one. CNC vices play an important role in the primary step of various kinds of machining, such as drilling, milling, and reaming. A CNC vice can be used with many kinds of material, including metal, plastic, wood, ceramic, or composite to meet the specifications as needed. CNC vices emphasize the optimal firmness of fixing the workpieces, which enhance the effectiveness of the machining and take care of the security issues of the operators. 

What are the features of CNC vices?

Shortest length of the base

The base of a CNC vice is made as a short piece to be applicable to other mechanical devices, and also minimize the space it may take up when conducting the mechanical works.

Big jaw opening

There are two jaws on a CNC vice, which are used to fix the workpieces. The jaws is made of cast iron with high precision and wear resistance after the heat treatment in the process of making it. One is fixed and the other is movable. 

Adjustable clamping force

The clamping force can be adjusted according to how much pressure the workpieces need. 

Multi-power system

The multi-power system is made with the principle of moment arm, which tightens the workpiece with two levels of pressure after the first half and the second half of turning. 

Fixed height

Several CNC vices can be applied to other devices at the same time. If the heights of each vice are all different, it may cause the improper working process, and make the products beyond the standards. While a CNC vice provides the feature of fixed height, so the deviation of the products made by a CNC vice can be minimized. 

Can be used horizontally and vertically

Typical mechanical works with the assistance of a CNC vice are used horizontally. Based on different needs of the application in combination with a CNC vice, it can be used both horizontally and vertically, which improve the practicality of this device.

How does a CNC vice work?

To use a CNC vice in the process of mechanical works, you need to put the workpiece in between the two jaws first and adjust to the desired angle to meet the need of the mechanical work. Second, clamp the workpiece by rotating multi-power system to the maximum pressure. There will be two times of half-turn of the power system. The latter one can offer double amount of pressure than the former one. The firmer the workpiece is, the more precise the result of mechanical work will be. After making sure that the workpiece is firmly fixed, finally, you can start conducting the mechanical works.

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