Drill Press Vices

DIY projects that involve things such as woodwork at home requires a drill press vice. Such vices come in different types, shapes, and designs, but the bottom line is that they all have similar uses. Drill press vices are meant to be used with drill press machines.

A drill press vice is more of a fixed style drill on a stand and is mostly used to drill holes. However, it can as well be used for other workshop tasks such as polishing, sanding, and sharpening. The main factor that makes it easy to use a drill press vice with a drill machine is the flat base with mounting holes to secure the vice onto the machine’s table.

Purchase Tips

Before purchasing the drill press vice that the user wants to use, the user should think about the project the user is working on. Jaw grooves and pads are the first to consider. Most drilling press vices have hardened jaws which play a significant role in helping the vice overcome the immense forces associated with a majority of drilling projects. Some models are equipped with jaws that have horizontal and vertical grooves which allow for holding of pipes and other irregular or circular shaped objects. 

If the user is working on objects which may get damaged by the vice’s jaws, the user may want to consider getting a drill press vice with jaw pads on it. Another factor to consider when getting a drill press vice is the design of the base. Some models have a three-way base design which allows for varying mounting options. A three-way design should enable the user to mount the vice in three different positions, which brings about more versatility. Next is weight. Drill press vices have varying weights which vary depending on factors such as the size of the vice as well as what the vice is being used for. A significantly heavy vice may not require the user to secure it to the user drill press since it will not wobble or vibrate as the user work with it. 

On the other hand, smaller vices are not heavy enough, and most of them have to be secured onto the working surface to keep them in a fixed position. The throat depth of a drill press vice is measured from the top edge of its jaws to the base. It is simply a measure of the deepness of a vice’s jaws and the stability they offer when working on different shapes of workpieces. This is a factor the user can consider depending on the type of projects the user is working on. Throat depth comes in handy if the user is working on long and narrow objects. Some of the most useful extra features include cross sliding, which makes it possible to place the object the user is working on in any direction.

How to Use a Drill Press Vice

Once the user has the drill press vice of the user choice, the next big thing the user have to do is know how to use it. When using a drill press machine, the user may benefit a lot from installing a rotary table. This makes it easier to drill holes at different angles with ease. Here is what the user needs to know about attaching and using a drill press vice.

After setting everything up, the other thing the user want to do is test the vice to ensure that it is working as expected. Mark the drill point, get the object working on and mark where to drill. Then open the jaws. After making a mark, open the jaws of the drill press vice by turning the handle in an anti-clockwise direction. Get the object working on and place it into the jaws of the vice. Be sure to get the best position, and also see to it that the object is not placed at an angle. Placing a workpiece at an angle often leads to drilling an uneven hole. Close the jaws.

The final thing to do as far as securing the workpiece in place is tightening the jaws of the vice. To do so, all the user need to do is turn the handle in a clockwise manner. Be sure to tighten until the user are sure that the object cannot slip out of place. Align the drill bit. Accuracy matters a lot as far as drill projects are concerned. To ensure accuracy when drilling, align the drill bit with the marked drill point on the object. When the user is sure that everything is in position, turn the machine on, and then lower the drill press slowly until it makes contact with the clamped object.

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