Mechanics Vices

What are mechanics vices?

Mechanics vices, made of heavy-duty cast iron, are the devices that are used in combination of other machines in order to do machining works like other types of vices. Mechanics vices consist of a 360-degree swivel base which adjusts the direction of the jaws for proper placement and locks in place, a slide bar that acts as the base for the workpieces, additional portion that works as an anvil work surface, a movable jaw which are parallel to the other one and used for clamping and fixing the workpieces, a fused steel handle that is used for pulling and pushing the movable jaw to clamp the workpieces, and an enclosed spindle that helps the smooth operation.

How does a mechanics vice work?

Due to the simple design of a mechanics vice, it is very easy for you to clamp your workpieces with optimal firmness. To fix a workpiece with a mechanics work, you can swivel the 360-degree base to your desired position to help you work at your convenience first. Second, rotate the steel handle to pull out the jaw properly to give your workpiece a space. 

Next, place your workpiece between the jaws. Then, swivel the steel handle again in the opposite direction to push the jaws so as to fasten your workpiece. This is the last but not the least, because if you don’t clamp your workpiece well, it may lead to the falling of your workpiece or the defects of the products you make. Finally, you can start your machining work.

What are the features of a mechanics vice?

● Precision machined slide bar
The precision machined slide bar provides you a stable base to place your workpieces and prevent them from falling off the mechanics vice.

● Enclosed spindle
Some models of mechanics vices are equipped with one enclosed spindle on the back of the device. The spindle not only keeps lubricants in it, but also keeps a lot of dirt that is produced in the process of machining works out, which improve the environment of your workplace clean and tidy.

● Solid steel jaws
The steel jaws are designed with serrated pattern, which adds stronger grip of the workpieces. This feature helps the clamping of the workpieces reach a higher level of firmness.

● Additional anvil work surface
This is one feature which other vices don’t have. With the additional anvil work surface, you can do other machining works without using other bulky devices, which makes the mechanics vice a multifunctional device.

● 360-degree swivel base with double lockdowns
The 360-degree swivel base can work smoothly and allow you to adjust the angle of your workpieces depending on how you want to do with the workpieces, which increase the convenience of using this device. Plus, there are double lockdowns on the base which are very easy to use and fix the base firmly.

How to choose a mechanics vice in your workplace?

A mechanics vice works as the first step of the machining works, which is a vital role in the process of machining works. Although it is used as an auxiliary tool in the beginning of machining works, it is of great importance. Thus, you should carefully consider when you choose the best one for you.

There are some factors that you can take into account when you choose a mechanic vice. The first one is the durability of it. No matter how much application that a mechanics vice can be used, if it is easy to break, every step of your work is useless. Thus, you can test it with various kind of materials and also check its warranty to make sure you can use it as long as much after you buy it. Another factor that you can think about is the throat depth. The throat depth affects how large your workpieces can be. 

If you need to work with larger pieces, you should choose a mechanics with great depth. While if you only need to works with some small pieces, this might not be the factor for you to consider. The other one is the jaw opening. This factor decides how wide your workpieces can be. With the wide range of the jaw opening, there would be more sizes of the materials that can be perfectly fit in between the jaws. Also, it depends on the width of the pieces that are supposed to work with you, if the jaw opening is not what you need to take into consideration, you will have more choices for the models of mechanics vices on the markets.

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