Milling Vices

A milling vice is a clamping tool that is primarily designed to be used on a milling machine due to its strong construction. Milling places greater pressure on a workpiece as the cutter rotates along the material, as opposed to drilling, where the drill bit rotates directly into it. This means a stronger vice is needed.        A milling vice’s jaws are made of hardened steel which can bear the force of the cutter, and its body is made out of high tensile cast iron which provides greater strength and rigidity during the milling process. A milling machine is a fixed machine where objects made of solid materials, such as metal and wood, are milled. Milling is a cutting process that removes material from the surface of a workpiece by using a rotary cutting tool. The vice is mounted to the machine’s table and holds workpieces securely while it is in operation.

The main use for a milling vice is to clamp objects in order to be milled. The vice is designed to hold the workpiece firmly between its jaws so that it stays completely still when the cutter rotates through the material. A vice is often needed in milling, because when the cutter rotates, it exerts pressure outward that can cause a workpiece to spin or be thrown if it is not held down securely.   This can be dangerous to a user’s hands, so the vice is ideal as it allows both hands to be free and away from the cutter when milling. The vice can be used to hold a variety of materials, including steel, aluminum, wood and plastic. It can be used for a number of milling tasks, including plunging and profiling. The milling vice is also often used for creating dovetail joints on a milling machine. A milling vice is a tool used by all kinds of workers, from DIYers and hobbyists to industrial manufacturers.

A milling vice, similarly to a drill press vice, often has hardened jaws in order for it to withstand the large amount of force that comes with milling applications.     These jaws can then be covered with jaw pads in order to protect any softer workpieces, such as wood, from damage. Many models of milling vice are equipped with a swivel base so that the vice can be rotated around into various positions during machining.

Milling Vice Recommendations

For so many milling vice products out in the market, but so less that matches your needs and reaches your criteria, here are some of the best picks for preference. Milling vices down below are types of milling vice products that can definitely be the best decision.

Milling Vices with Motors

Milling vices with equipped motors are great tools for professional use because it is just built to work. It has an extra large work table, heavy duty tapered roller bearings, and a hinged belt cover for faster speed changes. It is also really durable in part because cast iron column provides an insane amount of durability and support. There are a lot of innovative features in some milling vice models such as including an integrated work lamp, easy to read internal depth gauge, or easy access controls. A milling vice with motors have different speed settings, which makes it a pretty versatile tool. It can tackle just about any job and is loaded with a lot of great extras to make things easier for the user. It might cost a lot more than a regular milling vice and is definitely an investment, but it is worth it because it will last and last.

Mini Milling Vices

Mini milling vices or mini mills are designed for deep milling and heavy duty jobs. It has a lot of really useful features including variable speed control, a forward and reverse switch, and a safety shut off switch. Users can really fine tune positioning thanks to the adjustable depth stop, fine feed hand wheel, crossfeed hand wheel, longitudinal feed hand wheel, and lifting hand wheel. For heavy duty jobs, mini milling vices has a long of great features that allow for fine tuned adjustments.

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