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Open Vice Overview

A vice, or a vice, is a device used to clamp workpieces for machining. An open vice, also known as the open sided vice, is a rugged screw-type vice that is used for fixing and holding applications. It is commonly used for assembly, maintenance and servicing oil tools as well. As for holding objects, an open vice can be used to hold tubing, drill pipe, manifold fittings valves, etc. An open vice is widely used in field, shop and warehouse, and is built to allow heavy use. It is often built to last with the heavy cast-steel body and is able to hold items with exceptionally long diameter.

An open vice is very easy to use. It is designed in a way that work pieces can be placed from any of the three sides of the vice. And the fourth side can be used to adjust the work piece to the desired position. The counterbalanced handle can be turned into position and extended rapidly for additional leverage. The handle is also arranged efficiently at arm height, eliminating the common fumbling problem attributed to inaccessible handle of a vice.      

Benefits of Open Vice

An open vice is very efficient because the wide open design allows the holding of a wide array of tubing, drill pipe and those large hard-to-hold objects such as manifold fittings, valves, etc. An open vice takes the place of a wide range of standard vices generally required to cover a comparable range.

Moreover, as opposed to other vices, an open vice can save a lot of time and eliminate unnecessary steps by focusing on operation at a single location. It is extremely space- efficient as well because an open vice can cover many jobs of other vices. As someone who works with vice machining frequently, you will no longer find yourself having all the different types of vices lying around. The open vice will do a good job saving your available work space. 

An open vice is actually very safe and reliable to use as well. Most open vices come with positive grips that eliminate complicated balancing which has to be done with other methods normally. An open vice is also designed in ways that mounting one on a work bench is extremely easy and secure. Different kinds of mounting bases and trays usually complement with the open vices upon purchase, allowing the vices to be bolted down securely.

Eliminating Clanking Sound for an Open Vice

As mentioned above, an open vice is usually constructed to have a large counterbalanced rotatable lever on the top of the vice. As your vice gets older, you will start noticing large and annoying cranking sound coming out of the vice as you rotate the lever used to adjust clamping length. There are things you can do to alleviate the annoying sound so that you can work quietly without disturbing others. It can be quite awkward to turn an old handle so hard and rapidly that sudden outburst of cranking sound comes out, let along that the rod may still be intact.

The problem can normally be solved by installing an o-ring on the handle, but not every person will have one of these lying around. In that case, considering using some silicon spaces and place on part where the handle and the rod meet. They will alleviate the vibration as your turn the handle, which in turn reduce the cranky sound.

Rust Proof Your Open Vice

If your open vice happen to come unpainted and you happen to have to work on projects that require water as coolant, your open vice may be susceptible to rusting. Of course, you can opt to paint the vice but it may not always worth the hassle because doing a complete paint over on the vice can be both costly and time-consuming. A simple solution to prevent your vice from rusting is to coat vaseline on the parts where you know are going to get wet for sure, then wipe it off with some toilet paper. Do not use a paper towel because it may be too coarse for the coating to stay intact. The metal should appear to have a very thin coat on the surface, and since it is very thin, sawdust or wood chips should not stick to it. Lastly, refrain from using candle wax as a mean for rust proofing coating because it is much harder to apply and remove.

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