Screw Vice

What is a screw vice?

A screw vice is one type of vices that is used for fixing the workpieces in the process of machining works. As the function of other types of vices, a screw vice plays the role in the first step of machining works. It seems to be the simplest step of machining works, while it is actually a very vital step. Without fixing the workpieces firmly before doing machining works, it may cause the danger of the falling of the workpieces. Also, without the assistance of vices, it may leads to the defects of the products, which not only wastes the time of working, but also shows the unprofessional technique during machining works.

A screw is typically made of metal and is used for fasten and loosen an object in order to fix or remove it from a surface. It consists of an inclined plane which is wrapped around the main shaft, and the inclined plane also comes with a sharp edge around the outside, which acts as a wedge when it is pushed into the object that is fastened. 

Generally, there will be two screw vices combine together into a twin screw vice. A twin screw vice simply consists of a rear (fixed) jaw and a front (loose) jaw and two hand wheels. There will be a chain between the two hand wheels in some twin wheels. The two jaws are made of hex bolts and hex nuts, which utilize the principle of screws to fix the workpiece as firm as possible.

How does a screw vice work?

As what the above introduction has mentioned, screw vices usually come with a twin screw vice. A twin screw vice is operated by pulling in or push out the front (loose) jaws on the two sides, so as to fasten the workpiece between the front (loose) jaw and the rear (fixed) jaw. To work a twin screw vice, here are some steps you can follow.

First, rotate the hand wheels to adjust a proper space between the two jaws for the workpiece. Second, place the workpiece in between the front jaw and the rear jaw. Next, rotate the hand wheels again to firmly fix the workpiece. One special feature of the twin screw vice is that because there are two hand wheels, you can adjust the jaws with each hand wheel. With this feature, you can use a twin screw vice to do the machining works with the workpieces in odd shapes. After fixing the workpiece, you can start doing the machining work.

Choose the best screw vice

To choose the best screw vice, you can consider the practicability first. Since whether a machining tool is practical or not makes different level value of it. In addition, you can think about its durability. If a tool is designed as complex and seems to be very useful for any kind of mechanical works. While the tool breaks after a few times of using, in fact, it is still useless. On the markets, there is one twin screw vice that is the most common. It is formed simply by a few components. Also, there are a wide range
of application of it. It is right made for you to use in combination with other machining work to achieve the best effectiveness.

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