Two Way Vice

What is a two way vice?

A two way vice, any other type of vices, is a machining device that holds and clamps the workpiece in order to keep it stationary to do further machining works. A two way vice can be applied to a variety of machining works, the most common are in combination with milling machine or dill press machine. For milling, a workpiece can be fixed on the jaws of the two way vice and milled to make a groove. For drill press, a workpiece can be clamped on the two way vice and bored multiple holes on it. Two way vices can be simply differentiated into two types by the base of the vices. 

The widely applied models are with 360°swivel base, which helps adjust the angle on the horizontal plane without changing your position. Among the 360°swivel base, there are variation on the clamping tracks, one can be adjust 90°on the vertically in conjunction with different machining works, the other has two tracks on one machine which can be used to drill holes in perpendicular lines. The other type has a fixed base and is usually used for the drill press vise of two tracks.

Types of two way vices

As the above introduction has mentioned, there are several types of two way vices. Here we are going to dig into each one of them.

1. 360°swivel base
There are two kinds of two way vices with a 360°swivel base, the adjustable base not only improves the convenience of the operators, but also enhances the efficiency of works.

● 90° angle vice
The best feature of an angle vice is that it can be adjusted at 0 to 90 degrees of angle vertically, which means you can tilt the angle vice to create angled or diagonal holes through the workpiece. On the movable working track, there are graduation for the operator to align to the desired degree. This feature provides higher levels of precision on the machining works, and the products the angle vice makes can have more applications.

● Cross slide drill press vise
A cross slide drill press vise consists of two working tracks, the lower track and the higher track, and the higher track is placed on the lower track. It can be operated in both X-axis and Y-axis with the interaction of the wo tracks, which means multiple holes can be made in perpendicular lines simultaneously. The cross working tracks and the 360°swivel base double the efficiency and effectiveness of the machining works

2. Fixed base
● Cross slide drill press vise
There is another kind of cross slide drill press vise, which is equipped with a fixed base. This one can also be used for drilling multiple holes at the same time in both X and Y axis. It would not cause too much inconvenience because you only need to change your body position in particular situations. Therefore, the fixed base feature is much widely applied in the cross slide drill press vises.

How to choose the best two way vice?

After learning about different types of two way vices, there are still variations of features from brand to brand. To choose the best two way vice, you can take the following features into consideration when you are making the best choice for your works.

● Jaw width
When it comes to the sizes of the workpiece you are going to do machining works, the jaw width matters. Since the wider the clamping jaws are, the bigger size your workpiece can be. This must be the first and primary thing you should consider.

● Jaw height
If the workpiece is big in size, it may also need more stability when it is worked on. Thus, the deeper jaw height can allow bigger workpiece to be place into, and prevent it from dropping off due to its relatively big weight.

● Working need
As far as we know, there are many types of two way vices that you can see on the market. In order to lower the cost and increase the effectiveness, you should choose the two way vices based on your working need. For example, if you want to drill diagonal holes through a workpiece, a 90° angle vice may be a better choice. While if you need to make perpendicular holes, you should choose a cross slide drill press vise.

● Total body weight and length
This feature has something to do with the sizes of the workpieces and your workplace. If you are working with small pieces, you don’t want to take up too much place to arrange your working machine. However, if you are in a large-scale factory and making a large number of products, you can consider the two way vices with bigger body weight and height to improve make the optimal effectiveness.

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