Boring Head Shank

Boring head shanks are the connecting shank items that can hold the boring heads while connecting to the spindles. Boring heads are classified as cutting heads. It is commonly known that most machine tool spindles that fit the heads of cutting tools are designed with a taper or other standardized machine tool taper. Sometimes, multiple spindle heads are used to speed machining operations and in repetitive precision works, such as close-tolerance center holes.
All these are considered as variables but not parameters to mechanic specialist since at the essence the driving mechanism is something more like an optional but sufficient condition. The difference between boring and turning spindles are not significant. While at the very beginning, turning machines and boring machines are installed with belt-drive spindles because the spindle design were simple then in the past and there were no much options in the industrial market.

Boring Head Shanks and Spindle Driven Mechanism

For the connection of boring head shanks nuts and other critical components are critical small components that determine the entire working smoothness. Because there are different kinds of spindle driving method, the power source is quite critical to the boring process. For instance, belt-driven spindles features many good features and are easy to maintain due to its structural characteristics. Therefore, even now many boring machines manufacturers have much more spindle models to choose, belt-driven spindles are still a popular one.

Still, motorized spindles are also popular in the field of high end, advanced boring machines such as machine centers and some boring-based machine tools with power turret and some turn-mill centers with multiple spindles at both the front and back sides. For the motorized spindle, the built-in spindles, there are many convenient advantages such as high torque, no tooth drop issue, better stability, etc. These two are not absolutely better from either one. At the same time, such set of spindle housing the housing of the spindle case design would be much complicated compared with the belt-driven counterparts as well as the torque performances.

Spindles Specifications for Boring Shanks

Boring spindles are made based on the purpose of rotation, so the arrangement of spindles in vertical boring and horizontal boring is basically the same but with nuance features. A vertical boring machine is a machine tool that rotates a boring tool on an axis of rotation to perform various machining operations. Such machining is conducted by the use of tools that are applied to the work piece and to create an object with fine boring surfaces driven by the primary spindle. In usual circumstances, boring machines are categorized into two main types according to the way that clamp the tools. Those are vertical boring machines and the horizontal boring machines. Here we will take a look of these two types of machine. Regarding the vertical boring machines, the work piece is clamped vertically and the boring tools are thus installed the same direction, so that with this arrangement the machining is conducted on the vertical direction as planned in vertical parallelism.

The clamping of the boring tools is much more rigid due to the gravity effect compared to the horizontal methodology and manufacturers of vertical boring machines usually made their vertical boring machines into great manufacturing facilities for users in a variety of industrial sectors that pursue for high precision, such as automotive industry, aerospace sector, sport equipment application, and other fields with larger size work pieces objects. Vertical clamping mechanism and the spindles of vertical boring machines are also located behind the chuck, while some may be belt-driven, and some may be other types of driving mechanisms such as direct drive and gear spindles. Like other milling machines and machine centers, boring machines can also be equipped with power tools as well as two magazines to boost its functionality and versatility on the boring machine station.

In order to be versatile, a versatile boring spindle is the heart of the boring mechanism. As a body is not just born with a heart but also other parts that can deliver the energy that is generated by the heart. So things such as power turret, in this metaphor, is like hands that can do many complicated tasks which is a modern and standard accessory of many CNC boring machines, and as one of the most important and powerful accessories to the users of CNC boring machines, Taiwanese suppliers aim at this business and have developed many well known power turret and power tool companies that supports the high-end demands from boring machine users all over the global market that is aware of the upcoming smart trend in the manufacturing industry.

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