Boring Head

The boring processes are usually performed using a lathe, milling machine, or horizontal boring machine. Each machine uses a different mechanism, but they are all designed to enlarge an existing hole in the workpiece - and this is the defining feature of boring. When drilling, a starting hole is made in the workpiece, boring is performed to enlarge an existing hole in the workpiece. Boring heads are used to make large diameter holes when the tolerances do not allow the use of a drill or do not have a large enough drill or reamer.

In some cases, you can also use a fine boring head to enlarge the holes or adjust the axis of smaller holes. The boring heads consist of three main components which are the body of the boring head, the bar holder, and the set screw. Lathe boring operations are generally less complex than milling boring operations. For lathes, the bar is moved incrementally through the machine, while for cutters, the boring head must be adjusted to obtain the desired hole size. Theoretically, boring tools can make holes of any size as long as the bar will fit into the hole. However, the boring heads for milling machines are limited to a certain range.

Boring Head Features

The boring bar head is usually black oxidized to prevent corrosion, and the bar holder in satin chrome for wear resistance. The dial screw has been precision ground to ensure accurate movement of the rod holder in the dovetail guide. The tension of the guide is usually a factory set. Do not remove the two guide screws to change the size of the bolt. These screws are for pressure adjustment only and are filled with red wax to avoid accidental adjustment.

The locking screw is the only screw used to resize the boring head. With the rapid development of science and technology, parts in the engineering industry are becoming more and more standardized and generalized. Traditional machining of boring and milling heads has not kept pace with production demand. The multi-functional mechanical boring head appeared as needed and was quickly developed. In the processing industry, this status is increasing.

Boring Head Cutting Operation Explained

The main application of the boring machine is drilling holes. The boring head has some kind of taper to fit the spindle. The body has a horizontal dovetail mechanism. The movable part of the dovetail holds the cutting tool vertical as shown below, or nearly horizontal. There are several ways to accurately move the dovetail a small amount. The knife movement is very limited. When maximum movement is used and the hole diameter is not large enough, you can place the boring bar in another hole on the dovetail.

When there is no other hole to use, it is usually possible to hold the bar almost horizontal. It is possible to use any HSS piece as a milling cutter as long as its diameter matches the holes in the boring head. But in fact, it's better to purchase a pair of cutters specially designed for a fine boring head. They are typically made of steel bars and have a piece of carbide welded to the end of the bar. These knives are available in a wide range of lengths. This helps the user to choose the best cutter size for each task. In general, the smallest, e.g. the stiffest, the knife is required, given that it is long enough to do the job. Such a knife may be left-handed or right-handed. These knives are available in a variety of lengths.

This allows the user to select the best size cutter for each job. In general, the shortest, for example, the stiffest, the knife is required, provided it is long enough to do the job. They usually have a hand such that when looking down from the boring head, the cutter cuts as the boring head rotates clockwise. Why is that? Well, a boring head is often used to drill from the inside of a cavity to the outside. If the boring head cuts from the outside and travels inside, the cutters must be flipped over and the head must be turned in the opposite direction. If the cutter is positioned horizontally, the same cutting edge is inverted-the boring head must be rotated counterclockwise.

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