Chamfering Tool

Introduction of Chamfering Tool

Chamfering tool, or chamfer cutter, is a member of cutting tool family. Unlike other cutting tools, chamfering tools are more like grinders.

Chamfering tools are various in many kinds of forms for different usage.

For example, some of them look like a coned drill that are used to grind surfaces of objects smoother. Some of them are coned and empty in the center with blades inside. Some of them even look like a big stapler.

Except the one look like stapler, all kinds of chamfering tools can be installed on machine tools or hand tools.

Functions of Chamfering Tool

● Drill-coned

When the artisans need to make a right angle into a smooth chamfer, they would use the drill-coned chamfering tool.

For user-friendly and crafting perfection purpose, they are usually designed in a 45° angle. With this design, artisans can chamfer the edges or angles more accurately and easily.

When making products, sometimes we do not need so many edges or acute angles. Instead, curves and chamfers are need for some purpose. In the situation when the edges or angles of an object are too sharp, artisans would grind them with chamfering tools.

Here are works people can do with this kind of chamfering tool:

a. Make Crafts More Beautifully
Chamfering tool is used to chamfer acute angles and make them look smoother, and sometimes crafts the products more beautifully.

This kind of technique is called chamfering, and the smooth face made by this technique is called chamfers. Chamfers are frequently used in machining, carpentry, furniture, concrete formwork, mirrors, or printed circuit boards.

b. Make the Living Environment Safer
In our daily living environment, the unavoidable thing we meet the most is furniture.

As we know, rectangles contain at least four acute edges and angles, only on the surface. This kind of design is recognized simple and fits many people’s favorites. However, this beautiful design could raise the risk of getting hurt.

Therefore, artisans making furniture always grind the edge by chamfering tools in order to make the furniture safer.

c. Help with Facilitate Assembly
In addition to be used as beautify tools, chamfer tools can also help to facilitate assembly of many mechanical engineering designs.

While assembling machines, a flat surface would not be a good solution that flat surfaces do not provide enough friction to stabilize the assembly together.

On the other hand, artisans making machines sometimes link opposing chamfers to assemble machine parts firmly.

d. Make Bolts
There are many furrows on a bolt for providing stability. Thus, enable the bolt to link two objects firmly.

These furrows are made by chamfering tools because this kind of cutting tool can provide more accuracy than cutting blades.

● Drill-coned with Blades Inside the Cone

This kind of chamfering tools are mainly used with pneumatic or electrical tools, usually using to repair broken bolts.

Its working principle is similar to a pencil sharpener. Both are grinding the part that are not needed.

When the bolt gets broken, nuts could not fit in and would lose its function.

In the past, people usually just throw it away and replace the broken bolt with a new one. However, after this kind of chamfering tools have been introduced, people tend to replace the broken bolts.

When repair the broken bolts, artisans first apply the chamfering tool onto a pneumatic or electrical tool and put the bolt inside the empty space in the middle of the tool.

There are some sharp knives inside this tool. When the switch is on, it will spin in a very fast speed and grind the broken part out and relive the bolt.

When the reparation is complete, although the bolt would be shorter, depends on how much length it broke, it will become a new bolt and can be used for another long time.

● Screwdriver-shaped

There are some chamfering tools look like a screwdriver. This kind of chamfer cutter is mainly installed on a machine tool.

It is mainly used to drill smooth and beautiful holes on products during the procedure.

When this kind of chamfering tool works, it will too spin in a high speed. The high speed of spinning enables it to become sharper than it actually is.

Therefore, the screwdriver-shaped chamfering tool can make holes almost on any surface.

The screwdriver-shaped are various in its top, some of this kind are coned, some look like a needle, some are round, some are even flat.

Moreover, this kind of chamfering tools also prevent the burr on products and thus increase the quality of products.

Once the burr appears, the screwdriver-shaped chamfer cutter can also help on deburring.

Crafts that uses Chamfering Tool

In fact, chamfers are in our daily lives. Although it seems appears only in factories, actually everything we use might have some parts that are made by chamfering tools, like parts for industrial use, watches, furniture, tableware, or even smartphones, etc.

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