Dovetail Cutter

Dovetail cutters are cutting tools that are also regarded as dovetail milling cutter or dovetail milling tools. To be even more specific, a dovetail cutter is considered an end mill cutter whose form leaves behind a shape like dovetail, and it is called as dovetail slot. Dovetail slots are often in the forms of machine tools, granting great movements to the axial actions.

Dovetail Cutters as End mills

Since dovetail cutters are one part of end mills, which can be activated to reach high speed for the milling speeds. For high speed milling to be done, there are another milling method called end milling. In the metalworking industry, an end mill is a type of milling cutter, which is a cutting tool utilized in industrial milling process.

Dove cutters are distinguished from the drill tool in the corresponding application, geometry, and production values. Dovetail cutters are not like drilling bits but more of end mills. A drill bit can only cut in the axial direction, while a milling bit can generally cut in all directions in most cases.

Dovetail cutters used as end mills are utilized in milling applications for profile milling, tracer milling, face milling, and many other applications based on the cutting demands. There are a great variety of machining tasks such as grooves, slots, and pockets in the work piece may be processed from a variety of tool bits. Common tool bit types such as dovetail cutters are many, and some are square end cutters, ball end cutters, t-slot cutters, and shell mills that are all designed under versatile functionalities. Besides, dovetail cutters designed with square end cutters can mill square slots, pockets, and edges, and dovetail cutters designed with ball end cutters can mill radius slots or fillets.

Moreover, dovetail cutters can also be designed as T-slot cutters that can mill T-shaped slots. And dovetail cutters can be designed as shell end cutters which are used for large flat surfaces and for angle cuts. The idea is, dovetail cutters are a form of cutting tool shape that are designed as the basis, while the cutting purposes could be further designed for the purposes such as T slot cutters, pockets, edges, radius slots, shell end, angle cutting, etc. 

Angles of Dovetail Cutters’ Design

For the design of dovetail shapes, there are variations of these tool types. There are four critical angles of each cutting tool, including end cutting edge angle, axial relief angle, radial relief angle, and radial rake angle. Based on the material being milled, and what milling duties should be performed, different tool styles and methods may be adopted. For instance, when milling a material like aluminum, it may be advantageous to use a tool with very deep, polished flutes. Processing tools are much customized made, since all the cutting routes are based on the engineering blueprint planned by the work piece engineers. It is noteworthy that even though there are different cutting purposes and the corresponding designs, the definition of dovetail cutter is a shape of form that can still be a media that can be loaded with different cutting tooling profiles. 

Dovetail Cutters as Important Milling Tools

Milling tools are the milling cutters that can process milling tasks. Milling tools can be installed on either milling machines or even other machine tools such as machine centers, turning lathes, turn mill centers, etc. Great flexibility is the consensus feature among all the suppliers and consumers of machine tools today, so milling cutters and milling tools are not supposed to be only confined to milling based machines. This idea began at the early 1980s in the advanced industrial countries as many advanced machine tool manufacturers realized that their machine models need to be designed with broader capacity and performances.

Today, most milling tools are designed according to specific international standards such as the BMT, ISO, and other commonly acknowledged working protocols. So the shared features between milling cutters are designed into those elements as the basic natures. This measure makes milling cutters compatible to different kinds of machine tool models and the shank specifications. Some milling cutters may be made with diamond components in order to enhance their cutting performance and working efficiency. These are the overall estimation scales to estimate whether the dovetail cutters are matched with the cutting tasks.

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