Carbide Drill Bit

Carbide drill bit is the drilling tools that are used to conduct drilling tasks and the materials of this one are the carbide drills. Solid carbide drill bit can drill into the work pieces easily due to the hardness of the carbide bits materials as carbides are very hard if used as drill bits compared to most natural minerals and casted irons and steels.

Carbide drill bits may not be able to do a series of end milling tasks since end mill is a type of milling cutters. This is a cutting tool utilized in industrial milling process by the spinning of the tool by itself to remove the work piece materials. It is distinguished from the drill tool in the corresponding application, geometry, and production. Drill bits can only cut in the axial direction, but a milling tool can generally cut in all kinds of axial directions thanks to the multiple axes installed on the machine body.

Drilling Axially with Carbide Materials

A solid carbide drill bit is usually used on standing drilling machines. Most vertical drilling machines nowadays are designed to have multi-tasking capabilities due to the order types today and the future industrial trends to come. Among the complex functionality, tapping is one of the most popular functions for purchasers. The design of the tools for tapping and drilling is a great issue. As popular as milling method, drilling and tapping are two widely applied cutting methods in the turning process. So it is commonly recognized that the use of carbide drill bits are normally installed onto the turning machines rather than milling based machinery. Of course, the drilling machine itself is also an option for the installation of this type of drill bits tools.

Milling Based Machine Tools and Carbide Drill

Sometimes milling centers and machining centers are also getting involved in the simple drilling tasks. Even though most of the milling based machines cannot cut axially with their live tooling system, they are designed with multi axial milling competence that is available for some extra procedures if it is needed, so the solution formula is still there as an additional function. Machining centers comes with additional drilling tasks can even do boring and drilling for the holes that are made in the former step. So carbide drilling tools such as drill bits can be widely used not only in the turning machines and turning centers, but also by some other milling based machineries such as milling machines, milling centers, and advanced machining centers.

Integration of Milling and Drilling into One

Many machine tool suppliers are integrating milling and drilling machines into one. With the integrated milling and drilling processes, there evolves a lot of machining methods and one of the most popular and widely applied is the machine centers with multiple tool stations for not only drill bits but also other tools.

Machining center is a highly developed machine tool that can deal with multiple types of milling, drilling, and even boring tasks at once and is evolved from conventional milling machines. At first, machine center is evolved from milling machines at the era of the 1960s due to the growing demands from both aerospace and automotive industries in the States while later the trend spread to the rest of the world. After the technology of NC had been applied to the milling machines, the development of this specific type of machine tools progresses well across industrial sectors, and after that machine centers are widely applied in all kinds of industries, contributing a wide range of industrial efforts. Regarding milling, as its name tells, is the process of machining that utilizes spinning tools such as drill bits, end mills, etc to remove materials by advancing a tool into one or several work pieces. So the installation of the carbide drill bits unto the machining centers is possible here and the ATC system can change the tools for the spindles and tool holders that eventually lead to the proper storage of the machining tools in the tool magazines.

Some Limitations

Although drill bits can be mounted on the machining centers, drilling is essentially different from boring. Drilling process involving drill bits can be achieved on different machine tool machines, including general-purpose models and universal machine tools, such as turning centers, milling centers, and machining centers. However, if the manufacturers want to have some other specific performances such as quick drilling, deep hole drilling, broaching, etc, then a professional drilling machine is needed as well as specific drill bits for such tasks, because drilling is a highly developed machining if that gets with some other variables to be considered.

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