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There must come a day when some old furniture is suddenly broken. Or maybe you are a person who is really into photographing. With so many lovely photos, you decide to develop some and hang them on the wall for all people to enjoy. Here comes the problem, in order to hang the photo frame, there must be a hole in the wall. So a screw can be put in to hold a string for the frame. Now, you can either do it in the old way: to get a hammer and smash a hole in the wall. Or you can do it the easy and efficient way: to take out the HSS drill bit in the toolbox and drills the hole out of the wall.

What Are Drill Bits?

Before we get to the HSS drill bit, we must first understand what drill bits are. Drill bits are the kind of cutting tool whose main purpose is to make a hole. However, a drill bit along will not create a hole. We have to attach the drill bit to the drill which will in term power the drill bit and get it to work. When the drill bit gets the power from the drill, it will start to rotate. It is precisely this rotation movement that creates the hole. Drill bits come in different sizes, different shapes, and different materials. Each of them comes with its unique traits and usage. So what is an HSS drill bit?

HSS Drill Bit

This unique name is actually an acronym that stands for “High-Speed Steel” drill bit. Just as the name refers, the HSS drill bits are made of stainless steel. Within the component, another two elements, chrome, and nickel can also be found. With these two extra elements, the HSS drill bits are super strong and very durable. Such advantages make it an ideal choice when it comes to drilling a hole out of a hardened surface, such as hardwood slats and metal panels.

The toughness and durability allow it to drill through these hard surfaces safely. Besides, with good maintenance, the HSS drill bit is also capable of operating at high speeds and can last for a long time. However, no matter how hard one object is, it wears off at some point. After the constant use, it is possible for the HSS drill bit to become blunt. When this happens, a special tool is required to sharpen the HSS drill bits so that the bits are able to function again.

Drill Bit Varieties

Drill bits come from a big family, and the HSS drill bit is only a member of this family. As mentioned earlier, depending on the type of materials they are made of, they come with different names. The design may also change to meet particular requirements and take on specific tasks.

Cobalt Drill Bit

The cobalt drill bits are actually a variation of the HSS drill bits. The difference is that it contains an additional chemical called cobalt. It shares the same advantages as the HSS drill bit, which is extremely strong and durable. The cobalt contains in the drill bit has a staggering melting point of 1495 degrees Celsius and the boiling point of 2927 degrees Celsius. Such traits make them extremely strong and allow them to perform at speeds that are much higher than the HSS drill bit can work with.

Due to their hardness, they are able to cut through materials that are very hard and abrasive, such as bronze and titanium. The chemical cobalt brings a lot of advantages, such as rigidness and corrosion-resistance. Yet, the downside of cobalt is that it is very brittle. Just like a diamond, it is the hardest material in the world but proved to be very brittle. If the cobalt drill bits happen to drop on the ground or not be cared for in the proper way, they will break.

Polycrystalline Diamond (PCD)

Diamond is the hardest thing that exists. No need to say the drill bit which encompassed the diamond is so hard that it can drill through almost every type of media. The diamond that appears at the layer of the bit gives the drill bit the phenomenal effect to resist wear. This type of drill bit is costly, and they are usually utilized in the industries such as automotive or aerospace. They use the bit to drill abrasive materials such as aluminum alloys. However, when it comes to processing ferrous metals such as iron, chromium, or manganese, this type of bit is unsuitable. Because these metallic materials will constantly react with the carbon in the bit, and wear it down quickly.

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