Ball Nose End Mill

In modern days, people take a lot of photos. Some people choose to put all the photos into albums while others put some of the best ones in a frame and hang them on the wall. In order to hang the frame, they have to first put a nail in the wall. How to put a nail on the wall? A conventional way is to hammer the nail into the wall. This is a very tiresome method and it creates a loud noise during the process. Fortunately, there is an easier way: drill a hole in the wall with a power tool. This way we can put the nail in the wall in an effortless and relatively quiet way. These are also the traits of the ball nose end mill, the main discussion today.

Ball Nose End Mill

Ball nose end mills are a type of tool used for drilling shallow holes, slotting a channel, or making the contours of the molds or dies multi-dimensional. Owing to the design of ball nose end mills, it can create a cutting action that is identical to the diameter of the tool. Multi-axis machining centers are often utilized in the process due to the required shape of the products. It is also possible for the ball nose end mill to create a radius at the juncture of perpendicular surfaces. A ball nose end mill has the ability to produce a hole with a radius of one-half the diameter of the tool used.

Varieties of End Mill

The end mills come from a large family. There are a lot of types of end mills, and each of them has its unique traits. 

Square End Mill

The square end mill is the type of end mill used for general milling applications, such as the process of slotting, profiling, and plunge cutting. A square end mill that comes with a radius ground on the corner can also provide a small radius at the juncture if the main goal is to reduce the stress. 

Keyway End Mill 

The keyway end mill is the type of end mill that is manufactured with undersized cutting diameters. This will in turn help the keyway end mill to create a tight fit between the keyway slot they cut and the woodruff key.

Roughing End Mill

A roughing end mill is the type of end mill, which is also known as hog mills. The roughing end mill is used to quickly remove large amounts of material during heavier operations. The design of the tooth permits the process to have little to no vibration, but this also leaves a finish that is relatively rough.

Corner Radius End Mill

A corner radius end mill is the type of end mill which has a rounded cutting edge. The corner radius end mill is used under the condition that a specific radius size is required. In the case that a specific radius size is not required, another type of end mill called the corner chamfer end mills can be utilized. Both types have a longer tool life when compared to the square end mills.

Drill Mill

Drill mill is on the other hand a versatile tool, which is used for the process such as spotting, countersinking, drilling, chamfering, and a lot of other milling operations.

Tapered End Mill

A tapered end mill is a type of end mill which is created with a cutting edge that tapers at the end. The tapered end mill can be used in several dies and molds.


The materials used to make the end mills are very important. The end mills made of high-speed steel have the ability of wear resistance and it usually costs relatively less compared with the cobalt end mills. The end mills made of cobalt have an even better wear-resistant ability. The end mills made of cobalt also have a higher heat tolerance and a relatively higher performing speed.

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