High Feed End Mill

Introduction of High Feed End Mill

High feed end mill is a kind of consumptive supplies used in machine tools. They are specially designed for high feed applications.

With the technique of thinning chips and a specifically engineered end profile, the mill is able to increase machining efficiencies.

Similar to high efficiency milling (HEM) techniques, high feed end mill technique can drastically increase feed rates. Thus, become able to maximize chip thickness and keep radial forces low.

The high feed end mill looks like a drill or the tip of a screwdriver. However, different from the instruments mentioned previous, the mill is actually a kind of knife using in industrial areas.

Properties of High Feed End Mill

● High feed end mills excel in applications with light axial depths of cut.
The high feed end mills are designed to do cutting or milling works with larger or smaller axial depth of cut. It would depend on the application.

Because of this property, high feed end milling technique is considered suitable for face milling, roughing, slotting, deep pocketing, and 3D milling.

Moreover, high feed end mills can utilize high radial depths of cut and smaller axial depths of cut.

● High feed end mills reduce radial cutting forces.
The end profile of the high feed end mills is designed as able to direct cutting forces upward along the axis of the tool and into the spindle.

Through this way, radial cutting forces which causes deflection would be reduced. Thus, longer reach tools are allowed to be used. Moreover, problems of tool failure that might be caused by chatter or other reasons are also solved.

● High feed end mills are rigid tools.
The design and short length of cut of high feed end mills work in tandem with the end geometry. Thus, they can produce a tool with a strong core. Moreover, they further limit deflection and allow for tools with greater reach lengths.

● High feed end mills are able to reduce cycle times.
Under the condition of high RDOC and low ADOC applications, high feed end mill works more efficiently than the traditional end mills. 

Moreover, the mills have longer lifespan that can be used longer. Thus, they also contain the properties of time saving and cost reducing.

● High feed end mills can deal with hard materials easily.
Since the high feed end mills are rigid, this feature makes them excellently suitable for milling machine materials.

Moreover, some manufacturers would coat the mill with Tplus coating. This coating provides the high feed end mills the higher hardness and extended lifespan in high temp alloys and ferrous materials.

Through the specialized end geometry that utilizes chip thinning and light axial depths of cut, milling tools can increase feed rates in face milling, slotting, roughing, deep pocket milling, and 3D milling applications.

Moreover, the end profile of a high feed end mill applies cutting forces back up into the spindle. Thus, it reduces radial forces that lead to the deflection in long reach applications.

In general, combining this end geometry with a stubby length of cut is really a great idea that has created a suitable tool for progressing the material that are harder and more difficult to be progressed.

Working with the High Feed End Mill

● Draw and program the route of the mill with a computer.
Nowadays, most of machine tools are work with computers. Thus, the mechanicians are required to program the route for the mill, then the computers would send the order to the machine tools.

● Wait for the machine tool giving you the well-done product.
Since it is all automatic, after the program is sent to the machine tool, the rest would be waiting or doing other things that is necessary.

Application of High Feed End Mill

● Slotting
Mostly, the mills are designed in the shape of cylinder. In the previous section, we mentioned that it looks like a screwdriver tip. However, the top of the mill is different from the one of a screwdriver.

As we know, screwdriver tips are designed with a sharp shape in order to meet the need of installing or removing screws. However, the mill is actually a kind of industrial blade that can be used to create smooth cuttings which cannot be done with a sharp-tipped tool.

With the power from the machine tool, the mill can make beautiful cuts without difficulty.

● 3D Contouring
Since the mill is a kind of knife designed in a cylinder shape, areas that can used to cut is larger than regular knifes. Therefore, they can make cuts or carve on any kinds of surfaces including curves. Through that ability, they can carve the surface of almost everything.

● Roughing
Because of the specially designed cutting tool powered by machine tools, high feed end mill can help to do brief progressing prettily.

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