Hole Saw Cutter

What is a Hole Saw Cutter

Hole saw cutters, also known as hole cutters or hole saws, is a specialist type of drill bits designed to create a circular hole of various diameter (typically wider) in a workpiece without needing to cut up the core. 

Hole saws are very versatile hole cutters commonly seen in the DIY kit. They are usually cheap and easily obtainable, and are widely used across a broad range of industries and applications by professional, hobbyist, DIYers or just anyone who’d like to utilize one for general purpose.  

There are many different types of metal hole saws drill bits (almost just as wide in selection as the regular drill bits), including the ones specifically designed for use on sheet materials. Simply put, hole saws can either be a general purpose toolkit or a specialty tool for more professional applications.

How Does a Hole Saw Cutter Work

As a reminder, hole saws are designed to create circular holes of much wider gauge through a workpiece than the standard drill bits can cut on their own. And the key to choosing a high-end, well-suited hole saw cutter is to look for something of rigid construction, quality materials as well as accurate machining capability.

You’d notice that the cylindrical walls of a hole saw cutter are deliberately thinner relative to the overall internal diameter of the tool. This is to help reduce the friction between the work surface and teeth of the tool, leading to less user force required to penetrate a workpiece, while exerting less pressure on the drill motor as the hole is drilled.

Hole saws come with a specified, rated width, allowing you to cut holes of various diameter. Generally, these holes are created in certain forms of sheet materials. Deeper hole saws, for instance, can create cleaner, circular cuts even through a thick sheet of materials, given that everything pertaining to the hole cutter is properly set up.

Features of Hole Saw Cutter and Hole Saw Kit

As mentioned above, the hole saws can either come as free-standing or as a part of a toolkit known as the hole saw kit when you buy them. Therefore, many hole cutters or hole saw kits come with pilot drill bits or arbors that are pre-packaged in the hole saw kit as an additional feature. But even if they are not, most hole saws are compatible with standard arbors and other hole saw kit accessories. 

You may find other optional features in hole saws relative to specific applications, including:

● Extra robust construction for heavy duty projects

● Teeth with tungsten carbide for use on formica, galvanized iron, fiberglass, etc.

● Diamond tips for ceramics and masonry applications

● Extra thin tooth thickness for quicker and easier cutting.

● An elevated shoulder around the base of hole saws, which prevents over-drilling and breakthrough in the event of undesired results.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Hole Saw Cutter

The primary advantage of a hole saw cutter is the superior efficiency over the conventional drill bits as the overall power requirement is greatly reduced. Another advantage is the capability to cut wider size holes. In fact, a hole saw cutter is capable of cutting a hole as wide as 100 millimeters with ease as long as the right width hole cutter is chosen. 

Some of the disadvantages of a hole saw cutter include:

● Binding can easily occur when choked with dust, or when they deviate from the central axis of the hole.

● The portable drill is required to be able to produce acceptable torque at low speed.

● Users could potentially experience severe kick-backs from a powerful drill under some conditions. 

● The core plug tends to bind inside the hole cutter, and often need to be pried out (which can be quite difficult) upon each hole cut. 

● The core plug will often twist apart mid-cut, leading to a situation where the core would spin on the yet-uncut portion of the core within the hole saw. This tends to hinder cutting motion of the saw, and the friction will start to singe it especially if the workpiece is wood or plastic, producing a burning smell and overheating the hole saw. The twisted-off center must then be pried out of the hole cutter until cutting can be restored again.

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