Modular Tooling System

Modular tooling systems are cutting tools that are designed to be modularized for the entire cutting tools so that the connection can be easier for operators. With this feature, the modular tooling systems can offer the ability to provide the optimum and customized assembly for specialized work field applications. 

The design of modular tooling system is to make the tooling and machining is to make the processing much flexible for the work piece engineering. During all the metal cutting tooling process, cutters wear out is a common thing unless the tooling is of laser system or other similar none contact mechanism. 

Modular Design & Conventional Tooling

In the case of grinding, it is recognized that tool grinding is a common in-plant operation for metal working industry. For instance, there are mainly two kinds of sawing machines in the metal working industry and both types need their saws to be ground. That is, both band sawing machine and circular sawing machines is saw blade users that need their saw blades to be ground after a certain period of machining process.

Besides sawing, tooling systems for turning, milling, and boring also require constant and regular grinding, otherwise modularized tooling systems cannot perform the best of the design. So a CNC tool and cutter grinder is a must have for manufacturers across industrial sectors and in every plant for the best convenience for the business owners.

In the past, when tooling systems were made by individuals and private companies, there were once like the video tape booming era in which there were no commonly recognized tooling modular standards there for tool suppliers to make their tools according to the existing protocols. This situation made machinery operation across machines very inconvenient because the standards were different from each other, so when users wanted to use some tools they have on one machine, it may be hard to install on other machines. 

The same situation occurred for cart tracks in the ancient China, where there were once many different small nations who made their own cart tracks that were designed with different specifications, so that when the entire nation was finally reunited by the emperor, he urged all the cart tracks to be designed in modular system for a better usages for people living in different geographic areas. Cutting tools to be made in modular design and protocols can help all the metal working users to change their tools in a much more efficient way, reducing the tool changing and fixture issues, so that the working cycle time can be largely shortened in a significant extent. 

Industrialization and Modern Manufacture

When people started to notice that only with a common tooling modular can they use all the sharp tools in all kinds of machine tools for their machining purposes, they discuss and make all the cutting tools in standardized specifications. This endeavors were once very hard for those old day manufacturers since this was a new way of making tools they used to do, but soon the market welcomed such changes and eventually with the trend of industrialization came along with the industrial revolution and the world market need more and more machine tools, modern manufacture directly indicates that all the tooling systems need to be in a well prepared modular form. 

Maintenance of Modular Tooling Systems

There are many ways to keep those tooling units sharp and useful. One is the sharpener. Modular tooling system can be maintained in a systematic way since their specifications are of the same standard. For one instance, 6 axis tool grinders are one of the most advanced maintenance measurement for the modular tooling systems. The term 6 axis tool grinder refers to six axis tool grinders that can grind tools with specific axis design so that it is recognized as a six axis grinder in the grinding machine category and contains six movable axis at the same time. It is also similar to the deburring in some extend. In the metal working process, metal burrs are raised edge or small pieces of materials that remains attached to a work piece after a modification process, which are not ideal to the performance of the work pieces so that the mechanism of removing those un-wanted edges is considered very important, so it is usually an unwanted piece of materials and objects.

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