Taper Pin Removal Tool

What is a taper pin removal tool?

A taper pin removal tool, as the name suggests, is a tool that is used to remove taper pins from the assembly where these pins are mounted on. The taper pin removal tool helps the removal of taper pins easier, and prevents the damages on the mechanism from happening when using other tools to do so.

The taper pins are a type of pins, which are used for attaching and positioning the components in order to assist for the alignment of the assembly, or the transmission of torque from one part to another, which facilitates the smooth operation of the device where these parts are set on.

Since the taper pins are mainly used for low torque transmission, they are usually made as small sizes, which are long enough depending on the height of the components when they are assembled. The installation of these pins on the mechanism is very easy, which only requires inserting these pins through the holes of the parts, or fastening the nuts on the threaded end of the taper pins, based on what type of taper pins are used.

However, the removal of these pins is not that easy. As the parts of a mechanism are attached together, the assembly would then be installed on the larger base or other components of the entire device. When it is required to disassemble the mechanism that is assembled with the taper pins for repairing or maintenance, the first thing is to remove the taper pins.

There is the reason why the parts on the mechanism should be disassembled when they are supposed to be repaired or for the maintaining purpose, which is because the space is limited when the mechanism is installed on the main device. In order to achieve the most effective result for the repairing or maintaining of the device, it is better to do so for each part of the mechanism.

Now we have known the main purpose of the disassembling of the components, while the first and foremost step to achieve this purpose, which is to remove the taper pin, is another difficulty with the restriction of the spaces on the device, especially for the standard type of the taper pin. Since the standard type comes in smooth surfaces on both ends, which are without the threads, the removal of the standard taper pin doesn’t seem to be as easy as the method for installation.

Therefore, the taper pin removal tools are invented to handle this problem. The specially designed part can clamp on the pin firmly with the least contact surface, which allows for the easy removal of the pins and disassemble the connecting parts.

What is a taper pin?

As the above introduction has mentioned, a taper pin is used to attach and position the components on a mechanism, in order to assist for the alignment and torque transmission. Depending on the requirements of different applications, these pins are made as three types, including the standard, threaded, and internally threaded types.

This kind of pin has one larger end with wider diameter, and the other smaller end with narrower diameter. The standard type has smooth edges on the two ends. While the threaded type has thread on the larger end, which plays the role in fixing the pin with a nut. As for the internally threaded type, the thread is on the inner surface of the pin, in order to allow it to be removed by pulling it from the inside.

When these pins are mounted on the mechanism, only a small part would protrude from the surface, which is what lies in the difficulty in the removal of them. In other words, to remove these pins with the limited parts on the pins, the tools should be fine enough for being fitted within the mechanism, yet stable enough for providing the clamping force on the pins and resisting vibration during the removal process.

What are the advantages of using a taper pin removal tool?

● Ease of removing process
The main purpose of using a taper pin removal tool is to simplify the process of removal. With the assistance of this tool, the shaft of the pin can be firmly clamped on the specially designed joint on the tool, and allow for the ease of removing process. 

● Prevention of damages
When it comes to the removal of pins, using a wrench may be what comes up first in people’s mind. However, due to the special design of the taper form of pins, inappropriately using the wrench may damage the pins as well as the mechanism where they are mounted. In contrast, using this type of removal tool can prevent the above problem from happening, because it is designed right for this purpose.

● Improvement of mechanism performance
With this removal tool, the mechanism can be disassembled more often for repairing or maintenance as is required. By doing so, it can result in the improvement of the mechanism performance accordingly.

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