Collet Chuck

A collet chuck, by definition, is a subtype of chuck that forms a collar around an object to be held, and the object is normally a work piece per se. A collet chuck exerts a strong clamping force on that object when it is tightened, and the clamping mechanism is usually by a tapered outer collar. A collet chuck may be used to hold a work piece or a tool, depending on the machinery model, for instance, some may be turning based while some may be milling based, such as lathe or milling machines.

Furthermore, an external collet is a sleeve with a cylindrical inner surface and a conical outer surface. Only with the help of the collet chuck, can cutting machine tools able to process the work piece in a firm and stable condition. Meanwhile, since the collet chuck is an alternate work holding device, so as the jaw chuck, it also utilizes mechanical force to hold the part being turned. Even if a collet chuck lacks the capacity for the same wide range of work piece sizes that a jaw chuck can accommodate, it offers advantages related to speed, precision, and productivity that may be crucial for certain cutting tasks.

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