Hydraulic Tool Holder

The hydraulic expansion technology for hydraulic chucks and tool holders has many advantages such as minimal runout, repeatability, flexible clamping range, easy handling and vibration damping. In this article, we will discuss the characteristics and many benefits of these hydraulic tool holders and holders.

What are hydraulic tool holders?

Hydraulic tool holders are ideal for high-precision machining operations such as drilling, reaming and shoulder milling, as well as for specialized tool operations such as carbide tools and PCD tips. These holders are the ideal tool holder for high-precision machining in medicine, aerospace, automotive, dies and molds.

Highly versatile, hydraulic tool holders have a wide variety of tool diameters to suit common metric and inch shanks as a direct diameter clamp, or use a collet to utilize multiple single chuck variants. They are also available for simultaneous use fit systems and all other major interfaces that you may require with your machine.

The hydraulic tool holder uses an oil reservoir to equalize the clamping pressure around the tool. Placing the tool in the chuck and turning the screw inwards increases the oil pressure, causing the tool shaft gripping sleeve to expand.

The hydraulic tool holder works by using a fluid to compress the inner diaphragm in the chuck body. The hydraulic fluid provides even pressure around the diaphragm, allowing it to compress evenly around the circumference of the cutting tool. In essence, this is how the hydraulic tool holder provides high concentric parameters.

In operation, the concentricity of the hydraulic tool holder provides runout accuracy to 0.00012 inches or less. This directly translates into an increase in the life of the cutting tool as the load on each flute is more even.

Depth of cut using high-speed machining techniques it is relatively shallow, making a balanced chip load critical. If one of the cutter teeth carries a greater load than the other, it will cause the cutter to fail prematurely and therefore shorten the tool life. For careless or light work, it is important that tool wear is predictable.

Another advantage of the hydraulic tool holder system is its rigidity. Stiffness plays an important role in predictable tool life as well as runout. The HSK interface with its double contact surface and tapered design provides a rigid connection that is both radially and axially stable. It also provides reliable repeatability when changing tools from an automatic tool changer. Some finishing procedures can take 15 hours, and with unattended machining cycles, it is essential to repeat tool changes accurately.

Some machining centers are equipped with a throughfeed tool clubrication ability. Hydraulic tool holders are designed for this purpose. Depending on the material being cut, both air and coolant can be supplied through the tool holder and cutting tool.

Advantages of hydraulic chucks

● Vibration damping: The oil in the bladder reduces harmonics when spinning at higher RPM, resulting in less vibration. This also leads to a better surface quality and prevents micro-blowing at the cutting edge of the tool.
● Repeat accuracy: the best runout accuracy and repeatability of less than 0.003mm (0.00012 ”) are achieved, which translates directly into increased tool life as the chip load on each cutting groove is more uniform - if one of the cutter teeth is carrying a heavier loads than others will result in premature failure of the cutter and thus shorter tool life.
● Easy tool handling and tool change: Tool clamping can be done quickly and safely using an Allen key. Improving the tool change process reduces unproductive set-up and machine downtime.
● Flexible clamping range: When using intermediate sleeves, hydraulic tool holders can typically have a clamping range of 3 to 32 mm (1/8 "to 1-1 / 4") in diameter.
● Compatibility: Hydraulic tool holders can be combined with all common machine tool interfaces.
● Our preferred vendor partners who offer a wide range of hydraulic chucks are Schunk and Sandvik Coromant.

Hydraulic Chucks are a powerful addition to any machine shop looking to improve their precision machining capabilities. 

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