Side Lock End Mill Holder

End mill holders are the tool holders used specifically to hold the end mills. The tool holders are a type of machining component that holds the cutting tools in place while a cutting operation is being performed. The goal of the end mill holder is to secure the end mill in place as precisely and firmly as possible so that it does not run-out or fall from the machining center during an operation.

The run-out of a machining tool refers to the inaccuracy of a rotating mechanical system. In other words, run-out describes the situation to which the machining tool or shaft does not rotate exactly in line with the main rotation axis. There are end mill holds with particular designs to make sure the run-out does not take place; the side lock end mill holder is one of the holders that are most commonly used. The side lock end mill holders are also called side lock adaptors or side lock arbors.

Side Lock End Mill Holder

Side lock end mill holder is a type of tool holder that uses side locking screws to secure the end mill shank against the bore of the tool holder and provide the anti-pullout protection during a milling operation at the same time. The side lock end mill holders are an ideal choice for heavy duty milling operations. The end mill pullout or a general tool pullout usually occurs when milling the heat resistant super alloys (HRSAs). With the side lock system a side lock end mill holder applies, the pullout can be avoided.

The side lock system on this type of end mill holder is in fact quite simple. The end mill holder of this type has a key slot with internal thread on its side. This key slot allows a screw to thread in. When an end mill is placed into the side lock end mill holder, the screw threads into the hole and fixes the end mill at the bottom end inside the holder. This way, the end mill is locked by the screw inside the holder. When machining challenging materials such as HRSAs, a clamping system as such is considered best applicable.

The side lock end mill holders are ideal for challenging materials machining, large tooling operations at slower speeds, roughing, and medium cutting applications where the part removal rate is the prior concern.

Machining Tool Pullout

The term machining tool pullout describes the circumstance that the machining tool falls out of the tool holder during a machining operation. The tool pullout further leads to the tool breakage. It is indeed a serious concern in part manufacturing because the entire machining process is sabotaged once the pullout takes place. It not only damages the machining tool but also the work pieces. The tool pullout or run-out happens when machining challenging materials; therefore, a more compatible tool holding system, such as the side lock end mill holder, is required.

Machining Heat Resistant Super Alloys

Heat resistant super alloys are a group of alloys that are applied in various fields such as aerospace industry, energy industry, medical industry where the environment temperature is usually high and the materials have to resist corrosion while maintaining their strength and structure. In general, HRSAs are preferred in these areas because they have retention of strength, corrosion resistance, and hardness at high temperature. The alloys that belong to the HRSA family include nickel-based alloys, titanium, Inconel, etc.

When machining the HRSAs, the machining tool works categorically well in preventing the tool pullout or run-out due to the side screw that sits inside the bottom end of the tool shank. The machining of the HRSA materials often includes a series of processes where multiple types of machining tools are used. As a result, the side lock side lock end mill holders are applied to not only clamp end mills but also indexable end mills, indexable drills and other tools that fit in.

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