Ultrasonic Tool Holder

Ultrasonic tool holder is a type of modern CNC tool holders that is widely used by top notched machine tools in the metal working industry due to the great convenience of it which bring automatic working results to the entire working conditions. For instance, in the cases of turning machine, milling machine, machine center, drilling machine, boring machine, and even tapping machine processing, they are all designed with high ultrasonic functions and can clamp and un-clamp tools so the worn out cutters can be replaced by the new ones or be re-shaped again for future machining tasks. Tool holders of BMT standard with ultrasonic function are often designed for CNC machines and the taper shapes are very custom-oriented. In the machine tool sector, a machine taper is a system for securing cutting tools or tool holders on the spindle of a machine tool or powered tools. Ultrasonic tool holders would also contain tapers on them to work the mechanism.

Ultrasonic Connection of Tool Holders and Tools

Many machine tool spindles and powered tools are developed with a taper as their primary feature. The ultrasonic devices are like an attachment of the tool holders and the taper angles are to be taken care of. On many conventional and advanced drill presses, handheld drills, and turning machines, they have chucks like drill chucks or collet chucks, and the chuck units are attached by a taper. For the case of drills, drill presses, and milling machines, the protruding part is the tool shank or tool holder shank, while the socket is integral with the spindles.

That is, in the case of the drill presses, onsite operators may want to install a bit directly, or using a drill chucks instead. Almost all milling machines, from the oldest manual machines up to the most modern CNC or NC machines, tooling is piloted on a tapered surface and the ultrasonic devices plays the assistant roles for the precision cutting. These designs have greatly improved the productivity due to the convenient nature during the processing which lead to shorter cycle time. 

CNC Lathes and Tool Holder Coordination 

In the case of the turning machine attached with ultrasonic tool holders, accessories such as chucks, tools, tool holders, and CNC control are things that need to be coordinated in advance. The protruding part may belong to the tool or to the spindle, while the spindle noses may have both different tapers. Onsite machine tool operators have to have the capacity to install or remove tool bits quickly and easily since the working cycle has to be shortened as fast as they could.

Based on these coordinative conditions, a CNC turning lathe has a rotating spindle in its headstock, and to which the onsite operators may want to install a spur drive or work in a collet device for ultrasonic processing. The power transmission of machine tapers is another related issue. Machine tapers allow for high power transmission rates across the interface devices, which are much needed for milling machines if they are con-jointed. Moreover, machine tapers can be further categorized into self-holding and self-releasing sorts so the design of ultrasonic tool holders for milling process would be different from that in the turning cases. 

Pricing and Privacy of Manufacturers

The know-how knowledge are one of the most important privacy for manufacturers, and the way how to use the CNC ultrasonic tool holders to achieve the intended goals is a critical services offered by tool holder suppliers after the shipping of their products. CNC tool holders are the very basic parameters that can do a lot to the work pieces. The quality of the machine tool becomes the key point of the quality of the manufacturers’ final end products.

The taper inventory of machine tools varies from time to time and the conditions are also different. Therefore, now after the invention of the machining centers and the programmed CNC controlling system, the taper adjustment standards of machining become more and more rigid compared with the standards in the past.

Besides the CNC machining centers installed with CNC ultrasonic tool holders and complicated accessories, there are also CNC turning centers, CNC milling machines, CNC tapping and milling centers, CNC drilling and milling centers, and other customized machinery models equipped with CNC ultrasonic tool holders and advanced collets to push the process even further in the extreme accuracy by the ultrasonic functions. 

Chucks and Cylinders

Besides the tool holder tapers, chuck and cylinders are also decisive to the whole ultrasonic process for turning centers. Although they may not as versatile as machining centers, they are also very strong in machining all kinds of symmetric work pieces with complicated methodologies once if the onsite operators can embed the ultrasonic detection mechanism and the automatic procedures onto their production lines in the industry. So, they are usually used for specific tasks for customized projects and services.

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