Tool Holders

In the machine tool industry, all kinds of cutting oriented machine tools would be designed and installed with at least a tool holder, or maybe more than one tool holders. The name can also be shank, with the same meaning. No matter it is a turning machine, milling machine, machine center, drilling machine, boring machine, and even tapping machine are all designed and equipped with tool holders and they can clamp and un-clamp tools so that the worn-out tools and cutters can be replaced by the new one, or those wore tools could be re-shaped again by cutter grinders for future machining tasks.

Tool holders are the units that connect spindle at one side, and connect the tools at the other side, with the power drive activating the spindle and work piece loading the spinning tools at the other side. As an in-between device, the role of tool holders is very important and the durability is the first concern for users since tools may be subject to regular replacement, tool holders are expected to be much more durable during operation.

Types of Tool Holders

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