Carbide Bar Cutting Machine

Carbide bar cutting machines can cut bar shaped carbide materials with hard cutting tools and mechanical operations. Most carbide cutting machines for bars are the cutting machineries that can cut carbide materials in bar shapes but not tooling systems that use car shaped carbide tools to machining.

The form and operation mechanism of the bar cutting may be different, and the term carbide bar cutting machine in the metal working industry refers to a rather narrow inventory of cutting equipment of metal materials such as lathe machines, milling centers, EDM machines, machining centers, grinding machines, cut to length lines, etc. Due to the many applications, the phrase cutting is a general term and the terms carbide and bar are the main subjects. 

Carbide Bar Cut by Milling Machines

Carbide bars are hard and stable materials, and with the programmed milling based processes the procedure of carbide bar machining that utilizes spinning tools driven by milling based spindles to remove carbide materials or slitting the bars as it advances a tool into one or several carbide bars under the control of a CNC system. This cutting method can be achieved on different working phases. Milling covers a wide variety of various metal working operations and ranges a wide scale from single tiny parts to heavy and large gang milling duties. 

Carbide bar milling is also one of the most usually adopted carbide machining methods that achieve high accuracy with low tolerances. Therefore, the study and development of milling methods for different materials is highly popular in the industrial world due to its productive and effective essence for rendering work pieces with various patterns. These complicated characteristics are comparatively hard to achieve by conventional turning lathes even with power turrets. With the milling process, there evolves a lot of machining methods for carbide bars and one of the most popular and widely applied is the machine center. Machining center is a highly developed machine tool that can cope with various types of milling tasks at once. 

Carbide Bar Cut by EDM Machines

Carbide bars are very resilient materials that would normally make the tooling system worn out easily. Carbide bar cut can be achieved by different kinds of machines though but the most effective one with lower worn out rates are the EDM and the laser technologies. These two are less contact-based cutting methods though EDM may also need to make a basic contact area to the work pieces, the contacted areas are much less compared with other machining methods such as milling, turning, and drilling. 

It is well known in the metal working industry that electrical discharge machining is also termed as spark machining, spark eroding, die sinking, wire burning or wire erosion. It is a manufacturing process whereby a targeted shape is obtained by using electrical discharges which normally cause sparks that can be observed easily, therefore in Chinese market this type of machine is sometimes called the electronic sparking machining. The advantage of EDM carbide bar cutting is not just with less worn out rates of the cutting wires, but also the higher accuracy of the cutting tolerances since a CNC based EDM can cut hard objects with less power but same force.

Carbide Bar Cut by Turning Machines

Carbide bar turning is very old methods that people used in the old days because there was only turning lathe machines then. Turning machines were used as the primary cutting means for nearly every work pieces in the past due to its massive production nature and with the working pattern they can achieve higher number of quantity. CNC lathes for specific cutting purposes such as carbide bar materials are turning models which are the most traditional and conservative ones that can deal with most of the carbide bar turning tasks with modest modifications made for industrial consumers. It can be applied in the widest range in the industrial field. 

There is neither standard nor restrictions on this model regarding the design and specifications of the carbide bar turning methods. Both vertical and horizontal cutting are feasible to carbide bar cutting while horizontal arrangement here takes the primary roles in the market since most of the bar feeding devices are designed to be horizontal and the connection of them with the lathe machines are thus more horizontal instead.

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