Wire Cut To Length Machine

Wire cut to length machines are systems of cutting machines that are designed to make straightened length pieces of wire or tubes with precision cuts. This type of cut to length system could cut wire materials with very fast speed and accurate tolerance, and the cutting machines’ quality is often without further more burr debris.

Most wire cut to length machine models are custom made because the targeted wire shapes are highly customizable, so the repeatability issues are to be paid attention with. This kind of machines is designed with high accuracy which integrates front and back stop items and they are equipped with anti buckling guides. Such device arrangement is designed for well control of the workers. 

Wire Cutting Machines

Wire cutting is often referred to as EDM wire cutting, but in this case, the wire itself is the work piece to be cut here. This type of wire cut to length machines are designed to feed precision wire materials with very long lengths and are with no buckling mechanism. Though it is classified as high precision cutting, this type of machinery is often designed with simple programming keys which permit for pre-set quantities rather than CNC complicated system. The simple programming can control speed and the total part runs.

For metal cutting machines, the two parameters precision and versatility are usually hard to match with each other. Versatile machines often are equipped with multiple operation modes and the combination of many models indicates that blended market demands are merged. So these types of versatile machine tools usually cannot offer pointy processing quality under normal circumstances. However, wire cut to length machines are one of its kind. Due to the simplicity design of the cut to length production line that focuses on the horizontal movement only, all the control and management are much easy and simple, and the accuracy values of these cutting machineries can be elevated to a very precision standard. 

Wide Wire Material Cutting Machines Applications

As for the reason that wire cut to length are versatile, the wire materials for this type of cutting machines are many and the range is rather wide. In order to achieve this, a very quick tool change system is to be designed so that it can deal with a wide spectrum of work pieces with different specifications, such as different diameters. The cutting system involves the power source, and some are hydraulic while for light weight cutting, pneumatic is much more flexible.

Servo system is also preferred for all kinds of cutting machines’ process as the servo control system has stable movement feature that can handle complicated cutting actions in a fast or slow or even integrated motion. Ordinary servo motors include both DC and AC types, and they are commonly adopted in the robotic science for a reason. The AC servo motors are also widely used because the control is getting easier than before yet these motors can still handle a better torque force. The prices of servo motors are general higher, so standard sensors installed are optical sensors with selected resolution.

With the introduction of the BLDC motor, now industrial robotic arms are able to move objects with heavier weights with great precision while the cost is not as much as other alternative solutions. Therefore, there are many robotic arms that are utilized in the industry are installed with the brushless DC motors, granting the best optimal final output of the end quality for the production lines of the manufacturing design.

Conventional Cut to Length Lines

Besides the wire cut to length cutting machines, the conventional cut to length lines is also popular in a wide variety of sheet metal processing. In this sector, a cut to length line is a common method of creating flat, rectangular blanks from larger metal coils, and the forming capacity resembles the same purpose of the wire cut to length machines. This method is also known as the term CTL. Many suppliers’ cut to line machine will uncoil the larger material or master coil, straighten or flatten it, and then cut it to the required length as it moves through the line.

To the end, the ultimate goal is to make the final work to stack it into a bundle for convenient purposes for potential usages. Steel materials does not come off of a larger coil in a flat form, it needs to be stretched into flatness while on the CTL process. Many of the cut to length line suppliers uses roller leveling technology to stretch and compress the metal materials, since this method increases flatness tolerance and the material stability. The final usages of the cut materials may warrant precision cutting accuracy that matches to the exact specifications for the end users across industrial sectors.

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