Wire Cutting Machine

The term wire cutting machines may refer to a machine such as an EDM wire cutting machine or certain cutting machines specially designed for wire materials, which may be automatic wire cutter, or automatic wire cutting machines. The difference between the two is that the former uses wire as a cutting tool under EDM technology, while the latter is cutting machinery that cuts wires as its work pieces.

Among the EDM category, there are a variety of EDM processing methods. The main topic in this article is CNC EDM. Wire cutting EDM is the first prototype of all EDM varieties in the market and industrial applications. Wire cutting EDM is a manufacturing process that uses electrical discharges that generates sparks to obtain the desired shape of the work piece. In the wire cutting EDM process, a series of fast and steady recurring currents are used as processing tools, and the excess material of the work piece will be removed in the process.


In addition to the wire cutting EDM, there is also the ZNC die sinking. ZNC die sinking is a processing method, mainly used for hard metals or metals that are difficult to process with conventional techniques. Since EDM is generally suitable for work pieces with conductive materials, the industry has proposed a method for processing insulating ceramics by EDM. However, how to process insulating ceramics is not the subject of this article, so this article will not discuss more.

EDM can cut intricate contours or cavities of pre-hardened steel without the need for heat treatment to soften and re-harden them. Compared with other processing methods, it will be very convenient. The method can be applied to any metal or metal alloy, such as titanium.  

In addition, due to its ability of small cutting, EDM can be used for small sized micro machining, thereby ensuring very precise micromachining quality. In common industrial analysis, the term "micro machining" refers to a machining process that uses tools with a diameter of less than 0.015 inches, and tolerances also meet specific standards. In order to realize micro machining, a spindle with a specific diameter must be used to install small diameter tools, and the machine must have very precise precision.

Regarding the application of EDM machines, since EDM can meet market demands with very good quality and results, many industries now require high precision EDM micro machining to reach micron level tolerance standards. In this kind of practical application, the inception of the micro machining center EDM can meet these specifications. EDM is a very common metal cutting technology in the industry, so the development of EDM machine tools for processing hard materials is still ongoing.

In order to easily complete the work, small hole EDM is used to drill a row of holes on the leading and trailing edges of the turbine blades of the jet engine, thereby providing high precision machining quality. EDM technology is unique in many phases of the industry. The airflow through these small holes will allow the engine to withstand higher temperatures. Although there are many types of EDM processing today, here we discuss a type related to drilling, which is widely used in the manufacture of precision work piece units.

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