Automatic Drilling Machine Guide

During the metal working process, drilling is a series of complex movements. With Computer numerical control, the whole drilling process can be executed better. Automatic bench drilling machines are one of the highly favored drilling machines for precision depth accomplishment that is designed for the hard material drilling.

Programmable CNC drilling machine is a type of automatic drilling machines. It is an in-depth studied and well evolved machine tool, which can handle multiple types of hole drilling and related boring tasks at one drilling station. Its multitasking capability and convenient frame design are highly regarded by machine operators.

The development of automatic drilling machines, such as CNC drilling machines, originally evolved from conventional drilling machine designs in the mid-20th century. Then came the application of NC technology, also known as semi digital controlled drilling. There are many types of drilling centers on the market, which are widely used in various industries to achieve professional and precise drilling.

Integrated Milling Feature

Regarding automatic drilling machines, spindle heads, shanks and other similar parts are used to connect and install milling tools. And because machining tasks may involve milling and drilling, some manufacturers have developed a series of milling and drilling machines for this purpose.

The milling and drilling machine is processing machinery based on the milling machine architecture and has a drilling function. It advances the rotating tool into one or more work pieces to remove material under the control of the computer numerical control or numerical control system. This processing method can be done on different directions. In addition to drilling on single direction, milling also covers a wide range of operations which including single tiny parts and heavy duty milling operations.

Similar to turning, milling is one of the most commonly used machining methods to provide precise tolerances. Therefore, the research and development of integrated milling and drilling methods are widely welcomed in the industry because it has high efficiency and productivity, and can be used to process work pieces with complex contours and shapes. Unlike machining centers and milling centers, conventional lathes and milling are difficult to achieve this.

Advanced Drilling in Depth

Besides the conventional drilling, it is also important to know about the ultimate drilling process, which is the so called deep hole drilling. In the entire drilling machine list, deep hole drilling machine is one of the most developed and advanced machine tools. Due to its multitasking capabilities and convenient design, it can handle multiple types of deep processing and boring tasks at one stop.

Regarding the history of modern drilling machinery, drilling machinery originally evolved from the design of milling machines in the early 20th century. At that time, people were accustomed to performing drilling and milling tasks at the same time. Later, more diversified machining centers were developed for professional and precision applications and made extensive contributions to industrial achievements. With the development of drive motors in the 1970s, the drive depth of drilling machines has become another working issue for deep hole drilling machines.

In fact, in metal processing, drilling and tapping are the two main methods to give the work piece an ideal shape. Therefore, drilling and tapping machines are very common processing equipment in modern industry. Now, this is usually a programmed mill turn lathe, and the drilling function is added to the architecture. This is a milling machine that can perform programmed milling, drilling, tapping or more complex machining tasks. This type of machine is a complex programmed center that can handle a series of complex cutting tasks and shorten the cycle time within a relative cost range.

What is a drilling and tapping machine? Drilling and tapping machine is also called tapping center with its naming ideas.


There are many parts and accessories for drilling and tapping machines. Among these modern accessories, the power turret is a necessary customized accessory for many CNC drilling and tapping centers. It is also the most important for CNC machine tool users based on modern working mechanisms.

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