Bench Drilling Machine

Bench type drilling machine, or say bench drill machine, is smaller in size, but for many practical reasons, it is convenient for many manufacturers. The bench drill machine is design for drilling work pieces with light weight. Bench drilling machines can be divided into two types, manual bench drill and automated bench drilling machines. Manual bench drill is usually designed with a hand controlling grip, operator moves that grip up and down to do each press. And during bench drill, the work pieces shall be held safely in a hand vice which is held in hand.

Some bench drilling machines can even be designed to have high spindle speeds and other common drilling machines to enhance their drilling capabilities. The high speed bench type drill machine has a high RPM speed and is one of the most favored methods for achieving faster deep machining in hard material drilling tasks. High speed drilling machine is a machine model that has been thoroughly researched and improved. Due to its multi-tasking and convenient structure, it can handle various types of hole processing and boring related tasks in one stop.

Drilling machines have evolved from milling machine design in the early 20th century. Since then, a variety of machining centers have been widely used in various industries to achieve professional and precise uses, and have made extensive contributions to industrial achievements. The term of high speed drilling machine can be used to describe various CNC programmed drilling machines, including several key accessories designed and assembled with the frame itself, such as tool magazines, ATC, CMM, multi-axis working tables, and many other supportive accessories that are exploited to further enhance the accuracy and precision of the high speed drilling missions.

Bench Drill vs. Pillar Drill

The larger version of bench drill machine is pillar drill machine. They can do same work but bench drilling machines are more suitable for lighter and smaller work pieces and drill smaller holes.

CNC Drilling Machine

Drilling is a series of complex movements. With numerical control, the entire process can be performed better. The modern CNC bench type drilling machine controlled by the computer numerical control system is designed for the drilling process of hard materials, and is one of the popular types of drilling based machines used for the hard material drilling processes.

As programmed CNC drilling is a profoundly studied and well-developed working model of a machine tool, it can handle multiple types of hole drilling and related boring tasks in a drilling station. Its multi-task processing and convenient frame design make the on-site manufacturing operators appreciated in many ways. In order to develop this type of CNC drilling model, first is a digital drilling machine that evolved from the design of a traditional drilling machine in the mid-20th century. Then, numerically controlled digital technology, so-called semi digital controlled drilling, is a diversified version of the drilling center. This is widely used in various industries, for professional and precise purposes, and has contributed to a wide range of industrial achievements in the drilling procedures and results.

Additional Working Capacity: Milling

Many spindle heads, corresponding shanks, and other components allow the connection unit to install milling tools. Since the machining targets may also involve milling and drilling, some manufacturers have produced milling and drilling machines for the market. The milling and drilling machine is a machining process based on milling machinery and derived from the drilling function. It uses a spinning tool to remove material by advancing the tool into one or more workpieces under the control of a CNC system or human operator. This processing method can be done in different directions. In addition to one direction drilling, milling also covers a variety of operations, and the range is very wide from a single tiny part to large and heavy milling operations.

Meanwhile, similar to turning, milling is one of the most commonly used machining methods to provide precise tolerances. As a result, comprehensive research and development of milling and drilling methods are very popular in the industry because of its high efficiency and efficiency. It can make the workpiece have complex profiles, and traditional lathes and milling machines are relatively difficult to achieve.

Deep Hole Drilling

Last but not least, we must understand the final drilling process, which is deep hole drilling. Among the entire drilling machine inventory, deep hole drilling machine is one of the most studied and developed most advanced machine models. Due to its multi-tasking and convenient design, it can handle multiple types of deep hold production and related boring related one-stop task. Regarding the history of modern drilling machinery, drilling machinery originally evolved from the design of milling machines in the early 20th century. People were used to performing both drilling and milling tasks at the same time, and then developed a variety of machine tools. The machining center was widely used It is used in various industries for professional and precision purposes, and has made extensive contributions to industrial achievements. With the development of drive motors in the 1970s, the driving depth of the drilling machine has become another working problem of deep hole drilling machines due to many variables such as rotational vibration.

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