Drilling Tapping Machine

The threading drill is adapted to the process of producing internal threads using a tool (tap), which has teeth on the periphery, for cutting threads in a pre-drilled hole. Drilling is a cutting process in which the drill is used to cut holes with a round cross-section in solid materials. The main purpose of this machine is to perform drilling and threading operations on one machine. This machine will consist of a combination of drilling and tapping operations by means of a reduction gear. Because drilling requires high revolutions and tapping requires low revolutions to perform drilling and internal threads.


The drilling machine is one of the most important machine tools. The drill holes can be drilled quickly. The holes are generated by the rotating edge of a cutting tool called a drill that exerts a great deal of force on a table-mounted object. Because the machine exerts vertical pressure to create a hole, it is also called a "drill".

The threading machine involves a process in which two pieces of metal are joined together. It also helps to drill the hole where the screws are. The use of threading machines helps to complete several tasks, saving time and labor. The process is similar to threading and die which help in the metal fabrication manufacturing process.

The threading machine works on auto parts, electronics, and industrial machinery where holes are threaded. Mostly they are used in heavy industry, where heavy loads had to be drilled. For common types of threading machines, 2 flute, 3 flute and 4 flute are used, which vary by surface. Also, the threading machine is used in CNC machining, where it works faster and accurately thanks to zero tap breakage, also eliminating human error.

Some famous features

Quick and easy to install, it doesn't require any additional skills to get the job done.

● Very versatile by nature, well boring and screwing to a certain depth.
● Low maintenance costs to ensure long-lasting results.
● The machine is made of the highest quality components such as spindles, gears and shafts.

Good gear system available with several spindle speeds.
● No additional attachments or accessories needed for perfect operation.
● Option to change rates in case of an emergency.

By being a combination of a drill and threading, mass production can easily be achieved here, because thanks to the knowledge and details about the products, the machine does not cause any damage during operation. Basically, the design, technical capabilities and experience of professionals subject to industry standards ensure high-quality and efficient threading drills.

High-speed drilling, boring and tapping is possible on a single compact vertical milling center.

In addition to advanced milling capabilities, today's compact vertical machining centers also enable high-speed drilling, boring, tapping and grinding. The best machines are even equipped with fast tool changers that allow them to alternate milling, drilling, threading, boring and grinding operations in just 0.7 seconds. Equipped with high-speed spindles, they quickly slow down and accelerate between tool changes. As a result, manufacturers benefit from excellent cycle times and increased throughput. Quick to set up, space-saving and capable of a wide range of tasks, these machines also offer great versatility.

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