Feed Drilling Machine Guide

Feed drilling machines feed their drill bits into the borehole during the drilling process, making the drilling faster and agile for multiple axes drilling. The feeding axis may have several ones so that the drilling procedure can be processed with multiple phases at the same time.

Milling & Drilling Machines versus Feed Drilling Machines

Most milling and drilling machines are the machine tools whose machining process utilizes spinning tools to remove materials by advancing a tool into one or several work pieces under either the control of a CNC system or manual operation.

Even though milling and drilling processing nowadays is mostly controlled by CNC programs, some manual operation still exist due to tons of reasons that are often related with custom design. Normally, milling and drilling process conducted on single machinery can deal with many kinds of machining requirements, and such capability is based on the different tracks installed on the axes which allows for the machining tools to move around the work piece. The number of axes depends on the customers’ demands and there is no absolute optimal number but only the most suitable choices based on users’ requirements.

Unlike turning machine, milling and drilling cover a wide variety of various operations and ranges a wide scale from single tiny parts to heavy and large gang milling tasks. Compared with the milling and drilling machines, feed drilling machines can do drilling works more efficiently in a way that the work cycle time is much more faster than the conventional milling and drilling models.

This customized drilling model is designed specifically for drilling tasks, and the whole components and axial designs are pointed to the same orientation, so manufacturers may consider to sue feed drilling machines rather than other complex machining models if they only need to drill the work pieces and have no more processing demands. 

Drill Presses and Feed Drilling

Compared with feed drilling, drill press is a forming machine that drills just like feed drills, but the procedure is more like punching mechanism. It is called a drill press, and is used to cut holes into or through metal, wood, or other materials. This type of machine is supposed to be installed directly or using a drill chucks by onsite operators. Vises are commonly used in drill press and other metal works. In the metal working industry, a vise is a mechanical apparatus utilized to secure a work piece object in order to allow works to be processed on it firmly.

Vises have two parallel jaws, one is fixed and the other is movable, which is threaded in and out by a screw and lever. This cutting tool is held in the drill press by a chuck, or by MORSE taper. It is rotated and fed into the work at variable speeds. The feeding mechanism of drill presses is much like the feed drilling machines and the feeding jobs are mostly driven by stable hydraulic driving power source that can be rather firm and rigid for the drilling processing.

Turret Drill Press

Turret drill press is equipped with turret items. Feed drill machines are often not equipped with turret items, but drill press can be equipped with it. Turret drill press machine is a kind of turret punch or turret press unit that belongs to punch press machines. This kind of machine is used for metal forming by the mechanism of punching motion assisted with the turret structure.

During the operation, onsite operators could have more access of the drilling means by change between the turrets, which give more flexibility to the drilling process and the rotation of the turrets are normally controlled by manual operations so the judgment made by operators regarding their work pieces is strictly liable to their working experiences, and this make the individuals’ decision making more important than the NC controller. Each individual of the turret users need to know about the work pieces and the drilling tools so that they can adjust their working patterns based on the real time circumstances they are faced.

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