Gang Drilling Machine

The gang drill is a type of modern drilling machines, which is designed with a gang tooling system. It can meet various types of processing needs and can meet the structural needs at a faster speed. The drilling machine is one of the highly researched and developed machine models. Due to its multi-tasking and convenient design, it can handle multiple types of holes and boring-related tasks in one stop. The gang drilling machines have greater torque and greater working ability, and it can drill holes in hardened workpiece materials and other thick objects.

Although most drilling machines are now controlled by CNC systems, many gang drilling machines are still controlled in various ways. A variety of CNC drilling machines can be represented by "drill rigs", including several key accessories designed and assembled with the frame, such as a tool magazine, ATC, multi-axis table design with different guided motions, and many other supports accessories, these accessories are used to further improve the accuracy and precision of drilling performance.

Not Multi Tasking Anymore

Even if not many drilling machines are not only limited to the drilling capability, but also to milling works. Because the industrial trend of the market now requires more use of machine tools, especially rare machines such as drilling machines and boring machines, the usual type of gang drilling machines is only focused on drilling. This may cause some inconvenience since the milling and drilling processes usually performed on a single machine can meet a variety of machining requirements. Also, this capability is based on different trajectories mounted on the axis, which allows for the machining tools to move around the work piece. The number of axes depends on the customer's needs, and there is no absolute optimal number, only the most suitable choice based on users’ requirements. Unlike turning machine, milling and drilling cover a wide variety of operations and ranges a wide scale from single tiny parts to heavy and large gang milling operations.

Meanwhile, it is similar to turning in some respects because drilling is the most widely used machining method, which can provide precise tolerances within strict standards and requirements. Therefore, the research and development of drilling methods are highly praised in the industry due to the production and efficient nature of their production and processing of workpieces with complex profiles and machining depths, which are relatively difficult to achieve in industry by conventional methods.

Gang Structure

Not only are gang structures used in drill machine, but other industrial machines are also using this method. Some machines dedicated to mass production have 2, 3 or more spindles. These are called multi-spindle machines, such as gang drill and screw machine. Although a bench lathe has multiple spindles (the primary one and the one installed inside the tailstock), it is not called a multi-spindle machine. Obviously, the combined operating model guarantees the physical effect of repetitive and effective manufacturing methods, which is difficult to achieve with only one machine. Therefore, keeping this in mind, the manufacturers who seek for the maximum profits in one single processing step would choose this type of machine to achieve their own goal if what they are asked by the customers is more simple and mono-phased.

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