Deep Hole Drilling

In the drilling field of metal working industry, deep hole drilling machine is one of the machine tool models that have been highly researched and developed. Because of its one-stop processing capability, it can handle multiple types of deep hole making and boring tasks at the same time. Drilling machines evolved from milling machine designs in the early 20th century. Since then, diversified machining centers have been widely used in various industries for professional and precision purposes, making great contributions to the industrial manufacturing field.

Radial Drilling

Deep hole and radial drilling are drilling techniques with specific purposes. Let us first understand radial drilling. Radial drilling machines can be used to describe all kinds of drilling machines based on computer programmed control. These drilling machines can perform drilling and boring. And these machines are usually designed and assembled with several critical accessories, such as tool magazines, automatic tool changers (ATC), power tool turret, Coordinate measuring machines (CMM), and multi-axis working tables with different guide movement designs.

In the drilling machine inventory, there are other categories besides vertical and horizontal models. The most common of course is conventional drilling machines, and the other is gun drilling. We must first understand the conventional drilling machine. The drilling machine is one of the highly researched and developed machine tool models. Due to its multi-task processing capability and relatively convenient design, it can handle multiple types of drilling and boring tasks in one stop.

In fact, drilling machines evolved from milling machine designs in the early 20th century. Since then, diversified machining centers have been widely used in professional and precision applications in various industries, making extensive contributions to industrial achievements. The term drilling machine can be used to describe various CNC drilling machines, including several key accessories that match the machine frame, such as tool magazines, automatic tool changers, coordinate measuring machines, multi-axis working tables with different guided movements design, and many other supportive accessories. These accessories are used to further improve the accuracy of drilling performance during processing.

Gun Barrel

In fact, the component gun barrels is an obvious case, hence the name. Other uses include the production of molds, crankcases, wooden wind instruments and the manufacture of internal combustion engine parts. Gun drills can drill long straight holes in various materials, such as metal, wood, and even plastics. The coolant in the mechanism can provide lubrication and cooling for the cutting edges. In addition, it can remove chips during the drilling process.

Nowadays, compared with steel tips, modern gun drills use cemented carbide tips to prolong service life and reduce manufacturing costs. In metal drilling, the term "gun drilling" means that the drilling process is carried out by gun drill. The gun drill is a straight flute drill that can inject cutting fluid into the cutting surface through the hollow body of the drill. Gun drills are adopted for deep drilling with a depth-to-diameter ratio of about 300:1 or higher.

Swarf and Chips

In the machining process, there will always be wastes, which are called swarf or chips. They are metal, wood or plastic fragments that are produced during metal processing, wood working processes or similar subtractive manufacturing procedures.

Swarf or chips can be small particles, long and thin tendrils, slag or gravel and dust. Whether it is milling, turning, drilling, boring or other machining methods, removing excess material from the work piece is a key step in all machining processes. Among them, deep hole drilling is particularly affected by existence of chip materials. Therefore, for manufacturers of deep hole drilling machines, the design and development of a suitable mechanism to eliminate the debris generated during the machining process can make the drilling process more smooth.

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