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Tool grinding is a common in-plant operation in the metal working sector, and many industries require such process to make the entire processing smoother. The situation is the same for drill grinding. Deep hole drills need to be well prepare before hole drilling. Same to the gun drill. So the drilling of deep hole drill, dun drill, and others by the specific grinders are critical to the hole quality.

In metal drilling, the process of gun drilling is carried out by gun drills. Deep hole drilling is conducted also by drills. The principle for hole drilling is basically the same. The gun drill is a straight flute drill that can inject cutting fluid into the cutting face through the hollow body of the drill. Deep drilling adopts gun drills with a depth-to-diameter ratio of about 300:1 or greater. Among them, the component gun barrel is a significant application case, hence the name.

In addition, other usages include mold manufacturing and internal combustion engine parts manufacturing, such as crankcases and woodwind instruments. Gun drills can drill long straight holes in various materials, such as metal, wood, and even certain plastics. Regarding the gun drill mechanism, the coolant can provide lubrication and cooling for the cutting edge, and in addition, it can remove chips from the drill hole. Compared with steel tips, modern gun drills use cemented carbide tips to extend service life and reduce total costs. Grinders responsible for these tools are very exquisite. The difference in effectiveness is obvious.

Grinding of Cutters for Other Purposes

As introduced, in addition to drilling tools, tools used in other processing also need to be ground, such as sawing, turning, milling and boring, in order to obtain the desired processing results. There are two main types of sawing machines in the metal working industry. Both types need to grind their saw blades. They are band sawing machine and circular sawing machine. They all need to grind their saw blades after a period of use. Different from band sawing machine, circular sawing machine uses a circular tool to execute the sawing procedure instead of a saw band, which leads to its processing characteristics different from the band sawing process.

From the traditional point of view, a circular saw is a powered saw that uses a toothed or abrasive disc set or blade to cut different materials through a rotary motion around an arbor. Similarly, hole saw and ring saw also use rotary motion, but are different from circular saw. Specifically, circular sawing machines can also be used for the saw blade itself. Circular saws were invented at the end of the 18th century with the growth of agriculture. by the middle of the 19th century, circular saws had been widely used in sawmills in the United States.

Grinding of Tools

To be precise, technically speaking, no tool can maintain its sharpness unless it is a laser device or other non-contact devices, and needs to be sharpened and calibrated again after a period of use. In other words, tool grinding equipment is very much needed in all relevant work environments to support milling, turning, drilling, boring and sawing. In the last part, band sawing is the focus of this article.

De-burring Machines

The metal burrs produced in the metal processing are raised edges or a small piece of material, which are still attached to the work piece after the trimming process, which is not ideal for the performance of the processed work piece. Therefore, it is considered very important to remove those unwanted burrs. In practice, first use a de-burring tool to remove them, and then use the machine to deburr. Burrs are usually produced by mechanical processing, such as grinding, drilling, milling, engraving or turning.

Burrs exist in the form of fine wire on the edge of a sharpened tool or as a raised portion of work piece surface. This type of burr usually forms when the hammer hits the surface. De-burring procedures account for a large part of manufacturing costs. Therefore, the invention of de-burring machines aims to solve these issues in an advanced way and reduce the handling cost as much as possible.

Most de-burring processes are through grinding mechanisms. The essential definition of grinding is one of the power tools or machine tools used for grinding, which is a processing method that uses a grinding wheel as a cutting tool for processing. Each abrasive grain on the surface of the grinding wheel will cut a small fragment from the work piece by the shear deformation method. When grinding is adopted to finish work piece, the grinding wheel must have high quality and high precision surface, shape and dimension.

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