Gun Drill Machine

Gun drill machines are also referred as gun drilling machines, which are drilling conducted by gun drilling drills. The drills are straight fluted drills that allow cutting fluid to be injected via the drills hollow body during gun drilling process inside the machines. Then it moves to the cutting face. Gun drilling machines are widely used and the adaptation for deep hole drilling is a practical usages. This is a depth to diameter ratio of about 300:1 or more. The component gun barrels are an obvious instance why it is called gun drilling. Other usages include mold production, die manufacturing, and the manufacture of combustion engine parts such as crankcase, and wood wind musical instruments.

Gun drills of dun drilling machines can drill long straight holes in various materials such as metal, wood, and even some plastic materials. The mechanism of gun drilling machines is simple but powerful. The coolant itself can provide lubrication and cooling to the cutting edges, and further, it can remove the chips from the drilling hole after deep hole drilling. Modern gun drills use carbide tips to prolong lifespan and reduce total cost when they are compared with steel tips for deep hole drilling tasks. 

Mechanism of Drilling

Gun drilling machines’ mechanism is one of the many drilling methods people use in the metal working industry. So in this section we will take a look at the phase about what is deep hole drilling. Drilling machines are highly studied and evolved machine tool models that can deal with multiple types of hole making such as deep hole drilling and boring-related tasks all at one stop due to its multitasking and convenient design in the modern industry. This feature is especially true in the metal working sector compared with wood working and plastics machines.

Deep hole drilling methods were once evolved from the methods of milling mechanisms. This happened at the early 20th century in which the machinery industry got its stand points because of many factors. After the invention of this method, a diversified of machine centers are broadly developed in all kinds of industries for professional and precision usages. The integrated processing methods contribute a broad range of industrial achievements to the business owners. The term drilling machine can be used to describe a wide variety of CNC drilling machineries that include several critical accessories. The accessories of milling and drilling machines include but not limited to tool magazine, ATC, CMM, multi-axis working tables, and many other supportive accessories that used to further enhance the accuracy and precision.

Drilling and Other Machining

Milling and drilling are both wide applications in the metal working. They are different from turning in a similar manner. In a drilling based basis, the machine tools’ cutting tools utilize spinning tools to remove materials by advancing a tool into one or several work pieces under either the control of a CNC computer system. Although some may be manual operation, most of them are now controlled by computer processes. The reason why manual operation still exists is due to tons of reasons. The most important issue is always connected with custom design. 

Customized Drilling

Milling and drilling processes embedded on single machinery can deal with many kinds of machining requirements. Such capability is based on the different tracks installed on the axes. Those axes permit for the machining tools to move around the work pieces. The number of axes depends on the customers’ demands and there is no absolute optimal number but only the most suitable matches based on users’ requirements. Unlike turning machine, milling and drilling could cover a wide variety of profiling operations. The profiling ranges a wide scale from single tiny parts to heavy and large gang milling operations.

Deep hole drilling by gun drill machine is developed from the conventional hole drilling. Deep hole drilling machine is one of the highly studied and evolved machine tool models that can deal with multiple types of deep hold forming and boring tasks all at one stop due to its multitasking and convenient design. Gun drilling can be achieved on several kinds of machine tools. For instance, on lathes, it is feasible with hole depths of less than about 50 diameters. There are also purpose based and goal built gun drilling machines.

About these types, longer aspect ratios can be drilled. by a standard twist drill tool, it is hard to drill a straight and precisely sized hole of a depth more than around 5 times the diameter. This is a problem in many manufacturing processes. This difficulty is exclusively irritating for the firearms industry. The reason is because the barrel of a gun must be very straight and accurately sized. So, gun barrels are far longer than their inside diameter. In order to conquer this difficult technical issue, many improvement measures are invented, so the accuracy is achieved in a great extend.

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