Hydraulic Drilling Machine

In terms of heavy duty processing, the hydraulic drilling machine is one of the highly researched and developed machine tools. Due to its multi-task processing capabilities, it can handle multiple types of hole drilling and boring at one stop. The hydraulic drilling machines are drilling models with greater torque and working capacity, capable of drilling on harder or thicker work pieces. They are very practical models in the industry.

Looking back at history, mechanical drilling machines evolved from milling machine designs in the early 20th century. Since then, more diversified machining centers have been widely used in various professional and precision applications. The hydraulic drilling machines can be equipped with CNC system, and may include several key accessories mounted on the machine, such as tool magazines, automatic tool changer (ATC), coordinate measuring machine (CMM), and multi-axis working tables. These accessories are used to further improve the accuracy of hydraulic drilling machines.

Doing Things at the Same Time

In today's era, many drilling machines are not limited to drilling functions, but can also be used for milling. This is because market trends now require the maximum use of single machinery, especially machine tools with special functions such as drilling machines and boring machines.

Generally, the milling and drilling process on a single machine can meet a variety of machining requirements, and this ability depends on the different tracks installed on the axes, allowing the machining tool to move around the work piece. The number of axes depends on the needs of customers. There is no absolute optimal quantity, only the most suitable solution according to user needs.

Unlike turning, milling and drilling cover a wide variety of operations which includes single tiny parts and large pump milling tasks. At the same time, it is similar to turning in some respects. Milling and drilling are one of the most widely used machining methods, which provide precise tolerances within the rigid quality level.

Because of its effectiveness in processing complex contours and depths, the research and development of milling methods are highly praised in the industry. This is difficult to achieve with any conventional processing method. With the development of milling and drilling technology, many machining methods have emerged, and one of the most popular and widely used methods is the machining center.

The machining center is a highly developed machine tool that can handle multiple types of milling, drilling and even boring tasks at the same time. It evolved from the conventional milling machine. Due to the growing demand in the US aerospace and automotive industries, machining centers were born in the 1960s in order to manufacture parts and components used in these industries. Later, this trend spread and became popular in the global industrial market.

Manual, NC, and CNC Controls

In the past, all machine tools were controlled by manual. After being realized mechanically in the era of automation, numerical control technology was used to control machine tools. CNC drilling and milling machines are progressing well throughout the industry.

Milling is the process of removing material by advancing a rotating tool into one or more work pieces. This processing can be done in different directions. In addition to turning, milling also involves a wide variety of operations, ranging from single tiny parts to heavy duty milling tasks. Similar to turning, milling is one of the most commonly used machining methods, which can provide precise tolerances.

Essence and Upgrade

Speaking of the basic essence of drilling, it is the process of drilling holes in a work piece that has been cast or cut, such as drilling holes for ventilation holes or rough drilling on engine cylinders. Through following boring, higher hole diameter accuracy can be obtained, or tapered holes with specific specifications can be cut. From a machining point of view, drilling can be regarded as internal turning. The drilling bar can be supported at both ends or only at one end. Well-controlled hydraulic heavy duty drilling machines with CNC system can perform a series of tasks and bring maximum profit to the production line.

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