Linear Drilling Machine

The drilling machine is used to make holes of various sizes in the course of work, drilling is the process of removing metal, with the drill you can perform drilling, reaming and boring operations. A linear drilling machine is simply any type of drill that uses linear guides for movement during the drilling operation. Linear drills have a linear guide structure. The linear guide on a linear drilling machine is a framework that, based on its architecture, can be divided into two major categories. The first one will provide unrestricted linear movement thanks to the use of a rolling element, which consists of a recirculation system with a ball bearing and an installed running rail.

What are Linear drilling machines and what are the advantages?

Linear guides are ideal for a variety of industrial applications. Linear guides are used in laser processing, grinding and drilling machines, CNC, industrial robots, optical and medical equipment and more. Let's look at some of the benefits of linear drills.

High positioning accuracy

As the loaded plate on a linear drilling machine is driven by a linear motion guide, the frictional contact between the loaded plate and the bed is rolling contact. The coefficient of friction is only 1/50 of the traditional contact, and the difference between the dynamic and static coefficient of friction is small. Therefore, there would be no slippage when the table was moving.

Accurate motion and long product life

For a conventional slide, the counter flow of the oil film creates consistency errors. Insufficient lubrication causes increasingly inaccurate wear between the contact surfaces. Linear drilling machines, on the other hand, have no wear issues with their linear guides; computers can thus maintain a long life with extremely precise motion.

High speed motion is possible with a low driving force

Since linear guides have a low frictional resistance, only a small driving force is needed to shift the load, resulting in greater energy savings when using a linear drilling machine, especially in the moving parts of the system. This is especially true of reciprocating parts. 

Load Capacity equally spread

Due to its special design,  linear guides on linear drilling machinescan hold loads vertically or horizontally. Conventional linear guides can take light loads parallel to the touch surface, but when exposed to these loads, they are much more vulnerable to inaccuracy.

Easy Installation and Lubrication

It is very easy to mount linear guides on a drilling machine. It results in very precise linear movement following the installation process and tightening to the specified torque. In a conventional sliding method, inadequate lubrication induces wear on the touch surfaces, this does not happen with linear drilling machines. In addition, with conventional drills, it may be very challenging to supply the touch surface with adequate lubrication, because it is not simple to locate the right lubrication point with a linear motion slide, lubricant can be conveniently supplied on the linear slide block via the grease nipple. A centralized oil lubrication system may also be used by providing the pipe joint with lubricating oil.


Compared to traditional box or V-groove guides, linear guides on linear drilling machines can be easily replaced in case of damage.

Different kinds of linear guideways for Drilling Machines

Linear guide systems provide an interface between the base frame of the linear drilling machine and the attachment point of the axes and their drive systems. The idea behind the linear guide system is what the operator sees in the miter slot at the top of the table saw that restricts the movement of the angle gauge. The linear guide system comes in an amazingly variety of forms, although it is mainly composed of two parts. The first is a rail, flat or round, and the second is a truck that runs on or within the rail, depending on the type of rail. Movable axes of the linear drilling machine are attached to it.

Carriages are quite complex and use a variety of methods and materials to help this load-bearing device slide easily over or within a guide rail. Others, on the contrary, have rollers or linear ball bearing assemblies moving on the outside of the rail. There is no best system for linear guides for your linear drilling machine. You need the best system to handle the requirements of your specific drill. For a large production machine, a heavier system with automatic lubrication and self-cleaning would be needed.

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