Magnetic Drilling Guide

Magnetic drilling is a kind of drilling method which is usually conducted by magnetic drill press. It is a kind of forming mechanism that can achieve the result in a relatively short period of time. In the forming industry, a magnetic drill press is a portable drilling machine which is equipped with an electro magnet or permanent magnet base. The machine is used for making holes in the metal work pieces. A portable magnetic drill press makes holes with the help of a special cutting tool named as core drill or annular cutter. Magnetic drilling machine and magnetic drill presses are alternative terms that best illustrate the works of magnetic drilling.

Drilling Mechanism

Drilling is often conducted by a machining tool that is clamped on the chuck of drilling machines. On the drilling machines, each spindle will be equipped with a drill, and some drilling machine may only installed with one spindle due to long depth purposes.

Gang drilling machines and many screw making machines are designed with multi-spindle composition that allows for much different kind of spindles to perform. In these cases, those drilling machines contain more than one spindle and the corresponding drilling tools are many. In another case in which deep hole drilling is needed, lengthy drills are hence developed. This type of drilling machines and the drills is one of the highly studied and evolved drilling machine tool models that can deal with multiple types of deep hold making and boring-related tasks all at one stop due to its multitasking and convenient drilling design.


Drilling machines were evolved from the design of milling machines at the early 20th century, and after that, a diversified machining method of machines are broadly applied in all kinds of industries for professional and precision drilling usages. This application contributes a broad range of industrial achievements. Milling and drilling are similar as the machine tools whose machining processes utilize spinning tools to remove materials by advancing a tool into one or several work pieces under either the control of a CNC system or manual operation. So these two functionalities are integrated often into one machine. Though today’s milling and drilling processing is mostly controlled by CNC program, manual operation of magnetic drilling still exists due to tons of reasons that mostly connected with custom design.

Magnetic Drilling

Magnetic drilling machine is a portable drilling machinery designed with a magnetic base. The base could be either electromagnetic or permanent magnet basis, and the drilling can use twist drill bits. This can also tap threads, reams, and countersinks. The integration of a stable magnetic basis and low RPM speed can help resist or at least reduce torque forces generated by large diameter bits. In regard to the motor, if a magnetic drilling machine is designed with a reversible motor and variable speed controls, it may perform operations similar to tapping tasks, or countersinks, and reaming. Moreover, a magnetic drilling machine installed with cross table basis may also perform light milling as anticipated. However, many works are achieved with the form of pressing movements, so that is why sometimes it is also called magnetic drill presses.

Portable and Convenience

The reason why many manufacturers make their magnetic drilling machine a portable one is because it is faster and more flexible alternative to the process of hole making. So the production of drill press is with better accuracy if compared with a hand drill. Ordinary portable magnetic drill press is used on materials such as steel or other magnetic materials and the accuracy ranges around 0.01 mm to 0.05 mm for those materials. The drill for this type of machines is generally made of materials like high speed steel or tungsten carbide tipped.

Basis of magnetic drills is often equipped with a powerful electromagnet set in order to clamp the machine on the work piece to be drilled easily. When it is energized, this magnet is held on the metal work piece locking the machine basis to the surface. The electromagnet mechanism plays very important role for the mechanism of portable magnetic drills. It helps the machine to be steady, and only with a steady circumstances, can a machine work perform the intended accuracy.

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