Manual Drilling Machine

Even in the 21st century, manual operation of machinery is still common, which is considered the most flexible and smartest way. Due to the exclusivity of this method, when the conditions are set properly, some specific processing results can be achieved, so manual processing of metal work pieces is still very popular in industrial manufacturing. In addition to milling method, drilling and tapping are two cutting methods widely used in the turning procedures.

In the field of drilling machines with tapping function, there are two main directions that are highly evaluated and widely accepted.

The first is customization, that is, a machine tool designed for specific processing tasks, giving it the best and fastest manufacturing model. The other is agile versatility, which enables a machine to have more than two types of machining capability, which will increase the added value of the machine, so that business owners do not need to buy new machine tools for new orders.

Other machine tools that can do drilling and tapping works under manual control include turning centers, milling machines, machining centers, tapping centers, and certain types of drilling machines.

Radial Drilling

Under normal circumstances, the main structure of a radial drilling machine or a radial arm press includes a geared drill head mounted on an arm assembly that can move within its arm reach range. In other words, the most important components of a radial drilling machine are the arm, column, and the drill head. These three parts constitute the structure of the radial drilling machine.

First, the drill head of the radial drilling machine can move, adjusted in height and should be able to rotate. Radial drilling machines usually consist of heavy vertical columns mounted on a large base. The column supports a radial arm that can be raised and lowered to accommodate work pieces of different heights.

Secondly, in addition to its compact structure design, the radial drilling machine can position its drill head at the position of work piece through the radial arm mechanism. The tasks that the radial drilling machine can perform include hole boring, countersinking, and grinding off small particles in masonry works.

Manual Drilling vs. CNC Drilling

Compared with manual drilling, CNC drilling has a great limitation on the processing area, but this does not mean that CNC drilling has lower processing strength. Within its available processing area, CNC machinery is much more powerful, especially when it is in free processing, it will become more powerful. On the other hand, compared with manual operation, the flexibility of the built-in software content of CNC system may also be poor.

Drilling is a series of complex movements, and the entire process can be better executed under CNC controlled. The modern bench drilling machine controlled by the computer numerical control system is designed for drilling work pieces with hard materials. This type of drilling machine with precision deep drilling as its main function is one of the most popular machine tools.

Programmed CNC drilling is a well developed machining method that has undergone in-depth research. It can handle multiple types of hole drilling and subsequent boring tasks on one drilling station. Its multi-tasking ability and simple structure design make it highly praised in the processing industry.

In the history of the development of CNC drilling models, it evolved from the design of conventional drilling machines in the middle of the 20th century. The initial model is controlled by numerical control (NC) system, the so-called semi-automatic processing. Computer numerical controlled drilling is a diversified version of the drilling center, which is widely used in various industries. It provides professional and precise drilling results and makes a huge contribution to the processing industry.

Future Drilling

Compared with NC and CNC systems, it is expected that future machine control systems will use more manual interruption while maintaining powerful CNC features. This concept integrates the advantages of two control systems, making the metal processing process more flexible and centralized. With the trend of intelligent manufacturing, the integration of multiple processing functions will make metal processing procedures more powerful in the production line.

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