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Drill / End Mills: Drill Style vs. Mill Style

Drills / cutters are one of the most versatile tools in the mechanics arsenal. These tools can perform many different operations, freeing space on the carousel and reducing cycle time, reducing the need to change tools. These operations include:
● Drilling
● V-Grooving
● Milling
● Spot drilling
● chamfering

The ability of the drill / cutter to cut along the inclined tip, as well as the outer diameter gives it the range of operations visible above and makes it a great multi-functional tool.

Drill Mill Operations

Drill Style vs. Mill Style
The main difference between drilling / milling styles is point geometry. They are defined by the way the grooves are designed at the end of the tool, using the geometry usually visible on a milling cutter or drill. While milling style tools are compatible with the functions of an end mill or a chamfer cutter, the drill style geometry uses an S-type blade at the end. This gives strength to the tip of the tool, while allowing it to effectively and accurately penetrate the material in the axial direction. While both styles are capable of OD milling, milling style tools will be better for chamfer operations, while the drill style will be excellent for drilling. An additional option of the spiral drill / drill is an unprecedented project in the industry. This tool combines the end geometry taken from our spiral groove cutters with a variable helix on the outside diameter to increase performance. The result is versatility without sacrificing the finish and optimal performance.

Drills in a variety of styles that can perform different combinations of machining applications:

Mill Style - 2 flutes
This tool is intended for chamfering, milling, drilling in non-ferrous materials and for light stains. Drilling and spotting operations are only recommended for tools with an angle greater than 60 °. This is a general rule for all 60 ° drills.

Mill Style – 4 Flute
The 4-cutter milling / milling cutters have two grooves that go in and two grooves that are cut off. This drill / milling cutter is designed for the same operations as the 2-blade style, but has a larger core and more blades. The larger core gives the tool greater strength and allows it to process a harder range of materials. Additional grooves create more contact points during machining, which leads to better surface finish. The AlTiN coating is offered at all 5 available angles (60 °, 82 °, 90 °, 100 ° and 120 °) of this tool, providing excellent performance in a wide range of ferrous materials.

Drill Style – 2 Flute
This tool is specially designed for joining milling, drilling, scoring and light chamfering in ferrous and non-ferrous materials. This line is offered with 90 °, 120 ° and 140 ° angle, as well as with AlTiN coating.

Helical Tip - 4 Flute
The drill / face mill offers the highest performance in chamfering, milling and light spotting. The spiral design of the tip enables exceptional chip evacuation and surface finish. Combined with the variable OD spiral design to reduce vibration and harmonics, this is a valuable tool in any workshop. It is offered in 60 °, 90 ° and 120 ° angles and is standard equipped with the latest generation AlTiN Nano coating, which offers excellent hardness and heat resistance.

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