Mill Drill Guide

A mill drill, or drill mill, is a machine tool that can conduct both milling and drilling tasks. It has multitasking functionality. Such functionality makes it a good choice to process tasks that require different machining routes onto the targeted workpieces.

Mill drills carry out milling and drilling procedures on one single machine. With this essence, mill drills are highly efficient and flexible because they are compact in size. This type of machine is often not with a CNC system. 

Mill Drill Tool Holders Advance Processing Speed

Tools holders hold the tooling items that contact directly with the drilled workpieces. They connect the tools with the spindle. With the tool holder, the entire milling and drilling processes are more stabilized. It also reduces the drilling vibration as well as other processing vibrations. 

Spindles used for mill drill machines are often small (compared with regular milling machines or professional drilling machines). The spindle speed is often ranging from 200 RPM to 3000 RPM only as this is not a CNC model. This is because the size is delimited to the machine body itself, so the spindle power issues are another mechanical concern if users want to enhance their drilling capacity and milling competence. Tools holders usually locate on the Y-axis (along the vertical machining axis) so that this manually controlled machine is dependent on the operation of human onsite workers' judgment about their experiences. 

Swing Scale and Axis Travels

The swing scale of the mill drill varies from model to model. The working speed varies too. The scales are around 16 inches and the swing capacity will directly affect the limitation set for the workpieces and the drilling capacity values. The same applies to the end milling tool capacity. Meanwhile, the face milling capacity and the table work surfaces are set on the X-axis. The ordinary table work surface is about 9.5 inches plus 32 inches (Y-axis). The sizes of the tools vary based on the need for a speedy process. Within this scale of speed, the surface working is often acceptable for most industrial users. The overall longitudinal travels of the Y-axis maybe 23 inches, so the column body would be larger and taller compared with the working bed for milling drilling tools. 

Not Portable, but Flexible

Although most mill drills are not like portable machines, they are still not big enough to stay still for the rest of their lifespan. Most of them are movable with professional transmission aid carts. Business owners need to decide if the mill drill needs to be placed in the right place next to the relevant manufacturing facility, such as lathe turning machines, milling centers, machining centers, boring machines, grinders for tools, etc.

The great flexibility makes these machines popular for manufacturing plants. They can be installed everywhere and set for any purpose based on their functionality and working speed. They are suitable for drilling hard workpieces due to their big torque features. Big torque output helps the mill drill penetrate through the workpiece easily.

Feed drilling machines feed the drill bit into the borehole. They can perform fast and agile drilling along multiple axes. There are several drilling axes. Therefore, a drilling procedure may have multiple phases at the same time. Feed drilling machines were once designed specifically for drilling back then. Today, some drills integrate milling or lathe turning functionalities so that they can conduct multiple tasks at the same time.  

Comparison between Mill Drill and Drill Press Methods 

Compared with mill drill machines, drill presses are just like feed drills. However, the procedure is more like punching. It cuts holes into or through metal, wood, or other materials. This type of machine is supposed to be installed directly or using drill chucks by onsite operators. Vises are commonly used in the drill press and other metal works. In the metalworking industry, a vise or vice is a mechanical apparatus utilized to secure a workpiece object in order to allow works to be processed on it firmly.

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