Upright Drilling Machine

In many manufacturing processes, drilling machines are one of the most indispensable processing tools. Vertical drilling machines are usually called upright drilling machines and are responsible for drilling holes of various sizes on any surface area and precise depth. In addition to the drilling operations it is mainly used for, the upright drilling machine also has other functions. These functions include tapping, positioning, reaming, counter hole and counter hole, and so on. The upright drilling machine is the most suitable one for drilling large holes. These upright drilling machines have gear drives and have two variations: cylindrical, most suitable for drilling lighter materials; box-shaped columns, most suitable for heavy engineering and materials.

Upright drilling machine Main Features

An upright drilling machine is a tool for perfect drilling into the required material. Alternatively, the tool can also be used to enlarge or reinforce an already existing cylindrical hole. This can be in the sense of adding both width or depth to the holes and grooves that already exist. But beyond that, are there other uses for upright drilling machines? How does its performance compare with modern hand-held drilling machines?

Better Drill Control  = Better Accuracy

The upright drilling machine allows you to better control the required speed. Hand-held drilling tools can also perform speed control, but they cannot provide the same convenience and consistency as drilling machines.

More Angles = More Flexibility

Since the drilling machine itself is a vertical tool, its angle can be set. This means that your workload is reduced. All you have to do is clamp the material at an angle and let the upright drilling machine do the work.

More Attachments = Versatility

The upright drilling machine has more functions than you think. They usually come with accessories to extend their functions, such as chisels, sandpaper, and deburring tools.

Upright Drilling Machine Operations


Tapping is the process of drilling holes in the most stressful pipes.


Spotfacing refers to the provision of a finished circular surface around the top of the hole to seat the washer or bolt head.


Reaming describes the adjustment of the existing nut to make it more precise in size to improve the surface finish.


This is the chamfering process around the top of the hole to fix the screw head or bolt under the surface of the drilling material.


Counterboring is the process of expanding an already drilled hole to accommodate the screw head.

Difference between sensitive and normal upright drilling machines

The sensitive vertical drilling machine uses a belt to drive the spindle head. The method of feeding the machine into the workpiece is an only manual operation, so the name is upright and sensitive. This setting is an advantage because the operator can feel the cutting action of the tool. This machine has two directions-desktop and floor. It is recommended to use the vertical sensitive drilling machine for light and medium load work. Upright drilling machines use gear-driven spindle heads. Compared with the previous type, the upright drilling machine can be fed into the workpiece manually or automatically. For vertical drilling machines with automatic feed, an automatic lifting table mechanism is also provided. The drilling rig is more suitable for large-hole production operations.

How To Use a vise on an Upright Drilling Machine?

A drilling vise is used to clamp and fix wood or metal to be processed. It can ensure that by fixing it firmly in place, it is easy to operate and safe when the upright drilling machine is running. Loose metal or metal may cause injury, and it cannot be repaired. The upright drilling machine vise is an important accessory and you need to keep it next to the upright drilling machine because it is useful and often used when working on the drill.

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