Sinker EDM Guide

In the electro-erosion process of the weight (Electro-erosion treatment), it uses an electrically charged electrode that is configured to a specific geometry to burn the electrode geometry in the metal element. The EDM process is widely used in the production of dies and molds. Below we will introduce one of the EDM methods which is called sinker EDM machining, die-sinking EDM, or sink EDM.

How does Sinker EDM Work?

Die sinking means the way requiring the electrodes to be immersed in dielectric fluid. During the process of die-sinking EDM, two metal parts immersed in the insulating liquid are connected to a power source, which is switched on and off automatically depending on the parameters set on the controller. When the power of the sinker EDM machine is turned on, electrical voltage is generated between the two metal parts.

Sinker EDM Machining

If the two parts are connected within a fraction of an inch, the electric voltage will be discharged and the spark will jump. Where it hits, the metal is heated so that it melts.

Countless such sparks atomize one after the other (never simultaneously) and gradually shape the desired form in a piece of metal, according to the shape of the electrode. Several hundred thousand sparks must fly a second before erosion.

Die sinking EDM Machining

For sink EDM, the required shape is created negatively in the metal by means of a three-dimensional electrode. Due to overlapping movements in the main axes x, y, c, z, various shapes, depressions, and depressions are formed, which cannot be partially achieved by any other machining system.

For example, a helical cavity or a rectangular hole in one single steel block, or machining an extremely thin, hardened steel sheet that cannot be subjected to any mechanical pressure.

Sinker EDM: Designed for Reliability and Precision

Thanks to the history of space travel, the revolutionary Sinker EDM design has opened countless doors for further exploration of our universe. Sinker EDM machine has created products for satellites, rocket engines, and other spacecraft, sending America into new wonders and technological advances. These products, commonly called sinker EDM or die-sinking EDM, have a long list of alternative names, including:

● Ram EDM
● Plunge EDM
● Conventional EDM
● Die Sinker EDM
● Cavity Type EDM
● Volume EDM

Sinker EDMs use an electrode and workpiece immersed in liquids such as oil or dielectric water. The power supply is connected to the electrode and generates an electrical potential between the two parts, causing a failure to create a plasma channel and sparks. Sparks initiated by the power supply often strike one after the other.

As the sparks continue to form, the base metal begins to erode and the electrode is lowered, causing the "ramming" or "sinking" effect of sinker EDMs. After the process was completed and each part removed, the base metal was eroded in a very specific shape or design - similar to engraving. Sink EDM allows faster handling of hard metals, providing companies with the best currently available industrial production efficiency.

Different from sinker EDM, wire EDM uses one string of thin metal wire to cut thick metals for precise cutting and splitting not available with standard CNC machines. Like Ram EDM, Wire EDM uses an electrode and spark to cut metal. Using spark erosion technique, electroerosion treatment submerges the cut part in deionized water, and the wire acts as an electrode, creating a spark that thickens or moves the part to the desired shape without exposing the wire to contact with the part. Automatic wire feeding ensures that the wire will never wear out and the cut is consistent, which ensures repeatable accuracy.

During the cutting process, water removes impurities to help the machine operator determine the ideal maximum feed speed for any material. Sawing saw materials using Wire EDM is one of the most popular ways for industrial companies and artists to get the delicate and specific cuts or imprints they need during their productions.

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