The term "ZNC" comes from the popular "CNC", which means "computer numerical control." "Z" was introduced on EDM machines that can also drill or cut on the Z axis. A ZNC EDM machine is built based on this mechanical concept. Usually the EDM can move on the X and Y axes to find its position and cut down, now machine with multi-axis control, like a ZNC EDM machine, can use the axis Z and cut in the material on the lateral plane.

The Reason to Choose the ZNC EDM Drill Machine for Small Holes

ZNC EDM machine is available for drilling small diameter holes through hardened steels and carbide materials. ZNC erosion drilling machine for small holes has the ability to enter the material being drilled on a curved or angular surface. The more accurately the ZNC erosion drilling machine for small holes can drill the better. Dielectric fluid in small hole drilling ZNC EDM machine is distilled water, which is easily available and inexpensive, always a plus.

ZNC EDM machine with hole drilling function has been specially designed for fast, accurate drilling of small and deep holes. Small holes that once were almost impossible to drill with conventional machine tools are now made easily by a ZNC EDM machine. Thanks to the possibility of drilling virtually any conductive material, the use of this technology is constantly evolving.

Initially, stores tend to use ZNC EDM machine specifically to open holes in electrical discharge work. Thanks to this technology, heat treatment materials are shipped before drilling the initial hole. This removed two problems: the need to program, locate and drill the initial hole by conventional machine methods in a "soft" object before heat treatment ib. By sending the heat treatment workpiece before drilling the initial hole, all stresses were removed from the workpiece before the process of ZNC EDM machine.

As this process became more known, the trial burns were performed in more than just hardened tool steel; tungsten carbide, aluminum, brass and inconel were tested. Hole drilling of ZNC EDM machine began to expand into injection nozzles for the production of molds and parts, oil drain holes, hydraulic cylinders and locating pins, as well as turbine blades, ball bearings and protective wire holes in the hex nuts.

The Drilling Process of ZNC EDM Machine

Process of ZNC EDM machine involves the use of a precision tubular electrode (usually brass or copper) mounted in a drill chuck, located on the "Z" axis and held in place at the top of the workpiece using a ceramic guide. The upper part of the workpiece is located and the drilling depth is set. The rotation of the electrode is on and the deionized water solution, which is under a pressure between 50 and 100 kg / cm2, is sent through the tubular electrode as a rinsing agent. The power supply parameters are set, which usually include on time, off time, peak current and capacity. At this point, the discharge is activated to start the drilling cycle. At the end of the drilling cycle, the discharge is switched off and the "Z" axis is retracted over the workpiece.

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