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Metal forming machine is one of the most commonly used machinery in industrial manufacturing. The most essential forming machine is press. Manufacturers can use it to produce a variety of industrial items and everyday items, such as furniture, sporting goods, consumer electronics and household appliances. The size of the die determines the size of the press to be used.
According to their pressurized power source, presses can be roughly divided into mechanical presses and hydraulic presses. Among them, hydraulic presses also contain more detailed classifications such as hydraulic deep drawing presses, hydraulic try out presses, and so on. Compared with mechanical presses, hydraulic presses have greater mechanical force. The advantage of mechanical presses is speed, which is more suitable for mass productions.

Cold Heading

Cold heading is a method of metal forming, which can be used in forging, extrusion, and upsetting process. This process is specifically performed in the cold state, so it is called cold working. The cold heading process usually makes a work piece that is close to the final shape.
Cold working or cold forming refers to any metal working process in which the processed metal is formed below the crystallization temperature. The crystallization temperature is lower than the ambient temperature. Compared with hot working (such as hot forging), there are many advantages. During the hot working process, the temperature of the processed metal will increase, causing the particles inside the work piece to be rearranged, which may cause uncontrolled deformation of the work piece. For this reason, the cold working is relatively stable and predictable.


Iron Worker

One of the common ironworkers is the reheat furnace, which is a device used for high temperature heating. The reheat furnace can directly provide fuel to the furnace through fuel combustion, electric or induction heating in an induction furnace. There are many types of reheat furnaces such as blast furnaces, electric arc furnaces, and electric furnaces, and their main goal is to process metal materials.


Metal Net Making Machine

Metal net can be made by welding, intertwining and many other methods. The most common is the welded wire mesh, which is an electric fusion welded prefabricated joined grid composed of a series of parallel longitudinal lines and is welded to the cross line at the required spacing. Metal net making machines are used to produce screens with precise size control. This machine can save a lot of time, labor and cost.


Tube Making Machine

Tube making is also one of the common metal forming techniques. We usually use the drawing method to make metal materials into tube shape products. The tube is drawn by reducing the large diameter tube to a smaller tube. This process can produce pipes with precise dimensions, good surface finish and high strength. This method can be used for a variety of metal materials. The tube drawing method is suitable for large-scale and also small-scale production, so it provides the best cost performance for tube manufacturers.


Wire Forming Machine

The wire forming machine is a machine for forming metal wires by various mechanical methods. One of the most cost-effective methods is wire drawing, which is similar to, but not identical to, the drawing process of pipes. Applications include the furniture industry, automotive industry, sanitary equipment, and fitness facilities.


Tube and pipe Bending Machine

In the field of metal forming industry, pipe bending machine is one of the main production equipment, and it is highly specialized and customized. Taiwanese manufacturers provide a variety of pipe bending machines, such as NC tube and pipe bender, general-purpose tube and pipe benders, tube and pipe rolling bending machines, twin-head double bending machines, tube and pipe end forming machines, etc.


Tee forming

Tee forming is a process specially used for pipes and pipe assembly. For tightening, fittings or adapters are used in the piping system to connect the straight sections of the piping, making them different sizes or shapes, and for their specific purposes such as regulating the flow of liquid. These accessories are used in pipeline engineering, connected piping systems, and to control the delivery of liquids such as water, gas, or waste liquids in homes and business sites.
This configuration requires a lot of resources to construct, such as manpower, money, time, materials and tools. Tee is the most common form of pipe fittings in various environments. T-shaped pieces are used to combine or distribute liquid flow, so that the liquid flows in a specific direction.


Stainless Elbow Forming

Another common fitting in piping systems is stainless steel elbows. The stainless steel elbow can be formed by a bending machine. Many suppliers use electric elbow machines to design elbow shaped parts. The elbow forming machine is used to crimp the elbows of round and rectangular pipes together. These elbows are often used in ventilation and drainage systems.


Punching Machine

Punching machine is one of the most commonly used forming machines in the industry. Mainly used in the manufacture of pad printing, sports equipment, consumer electronics and household appliances. Like other presses, the size of the die determines the size of the punching machine to be used. Punching machines can be divided into several categories, such as CNC pneumatic punching machine, CNC pneumatic multi hole punching machine, CNC punching machine, CNC power press price punching machine, CNC plate steel hole punching machine, pneumatic portable punching machine, pneumatic hole chassis number punching machine, sheet metal punching machine, just to name a few.


Spring Coiling Machine

In many industrial fields such as automobiles, motorcycles, sports and 3C consumables, spring coiling is an important part of almost every aspect. The spring coiling machine is the machinery that produces coil springs (also called helical springs). A coil spring is a mechanical part that can store and release energy. It can be used to absorb shocks or maintain support between the contact surfaces.
They are usually made of an elastic material formed into a helix shape and will return to their natural length when unloaded.
The accuracy of the spring will affect the accuracy and performance of the machinery it is installed on. The material of the coil spring (i.e. metal wire) is twisted when it is stretched or compressed. The spring characteristics depend on the shear modulus. There are many types of spring coiling machine due to the types of springs they are suitable for. Taiwan-made spring coiling machine are welcomed by users all over the world because of their high cost-effectiveness, and can greatly improve the productivity of users in different industrial fields.


Sheet Metal Blanking

In the sheet metal industry, fixed-length cutting is a method of making flat rectangular blanks from metal sheet coils. This method is also called CTL or blanking line. The cut-to-length production line will uncoil coiled materials, straighten or flatten them, and then cut them to the desired length. Some production lines also have devices that stack the cut materials together for easy storage or transportation.
Many suppliers use roller leveling technology to stretch and compress materials. This method can significantly improve flatness and material stability, thereby ensuring the accuracy of the final product.


Thread Rolling

The term "thread rolling" is also called threading, and it is the process of creating threads. Every year more scew threads are produced than any other machine component. Therefore, many manufacturing methods are derived, including subtractive methods, de-formative methods, additive methods, or integrated methods. There are many ways to generate threads. Different manufacturers will choose the appropriate method according to their business type and process conditions (such as time, resources, accuracy, equipment, etc.).



With the further development of machine tool technology and computer science, the trend of intelligent manufacturing from 2013 will promote metal forming to become more intelligent. But what is smart forming, and how to make it happen? These are a big problem. However, we may use the current trends as a reference to shape the future of intelligent forming.

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