Iron Net Making Machine

What is an iron net making machine?

An iron net making machine, also known as a hexagonal wire betting machine, or a chain link fencing machine, is a machine that is used to produce iron nets in order for the various applications that the iron nets serve for.

There are several kinds of machines that are applied for producing nets or meshes, which are widely used for domestic, industrial, or agricultural applications, such as the screen windows, screen doors, or chicken net, etc. While the iron net making machine is specialized in making nets with iron as the material.

To produce iron nets, there are two methods that are available to be applied, which are woven iron nets and welded iron nets. In these two methods, the material that is supposed to be made as nets is the same, but they adopt two different ways in the producing processes.

The woven iron netting is to form the nets like weaving clothes, which is to make the iron wire to form the hexagonal, square, or diamond shapes of nets by twisting and overlapping the intersections of every two adjacent wires together.

While in the welded iron nets, there would not be any overlap between two adjacent wires, since the welded iron nets are produced with the joints between each wire fuse together when they come in contact with heats. However, here we will focus more on the forming instead of welding the iron nets, which is to form the iron nets by adopting the woven method.

In addition to the sizes of the entire iron nets that can be produced with the iron net making machine, this machine may be capable of forming different shapes of nets include hexagonal and diamond shapes, which have different features and applications respectively.

Furthermore, with the invention of the advanced technology, like other forming machines, the iron net making machine can also be combined with the CNC system, which allows for automatic operations with better accuracy and precision and is free from excessive operators to operate the machine.

What comprises an iron net making machine?

The iron net making machine that is operated automatically combined with the CNC system is mainly comprised of a main machine, a tension device, an edge device, a spool rack with spools, and the CNC system besides these components.

On the front of the machine, it shows a control cabinet, a traction shaft, and a rolling device. As for the back of the machine, there are a servo motor, a touch screen, and convenient switches.

● Control cabinet
The control cabinet is formed with wires that are connected to the computerizes system, which are the medium of the transferring of the instructions from the computer to the machine, and the inside of this component is only presented when it is necessary to be repaired.

● Traction shaft
As the name implies, this component is used to provide traction to the iron nets that are made, and transfer the nets to the rolling device afterwards.

● Rolling device
The rolling device is set beside the traction shaft, which receive the iron nets from it and make those nets as rolls to be sold.

● Servo motor
The servo motor is used to make the components in order to form the iron nets with high efficiency and great precision, which can be regarded as a motion driving device.

● Touch screen 
The touch screen, which is commonly seen on a automatic operated machine, is used for the operator to initiate the machine and inspect the processes of the operation.

● Convenient switches
There are also convenient switches at the back of this device, which allows the operator to turn on and off the machine.

How an iron net is formed?

As the above introduction has mentioned, the iron net making machine is able to produce iron nets by twisting the adjacent iron wires and making each of them overlap together. The twisting directions of the iron nets can be either clockwise or counterclockwise, which makes varied forms of intersections.

In addition to the variation between the intersections, the shapes of the nets can be different as well, in order to accommodate to the requirements of the related applications. The two most common shapes of the iron nets are the hexagonal and diamond nets.

● Hexagonal nets
The hexagonal nets are formed with hexagonal patterns, which own six sides on each grid. The more sides each grid refers to the more twisting points there would be. This makes the iron nets that are made with hexagonal patterns more rigid and sturdy, which are less likely to break down.

● Diamond nets
The diamond nets are the iron nets with diamond shape of grids. Similar to the nets with square grids, the diamond grid has four sides only, which are less than the six sides of the hexagonal grid. This makes the diamond nets relatively fragile than the hexagonal ones, and thus less commonly applied compared to the hexagonal nets.

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