Steel Net Making Machine

About Steel Net Making Machine

Steel net making machine, also known as the welded wire mesh machine, is an equipment widely used for performing wire netting of wall mesh, construction mesh, etc. Many manufacturers of welded mesh use a steel net making machine for steel welded wire mesh production for panels in construction, concrete reinforcement and security wire mesh fences. As welded wire mesh panels are in high demand in construction projects such as concrete reinforcement or panels in walls, floors, roofs and other applications in constructions and buildings, welded wire mesh machines are also very highly demanded in the relative industries. 

What is Steel Wire Mesh

There are basically two basic types of wire mesh: the woven wire mesh and welded wire mesh. Both types of wire netting involve the extrusion of a metal rod, tube or wire through a handful of dies that are successively smaller to produce a thin wire which is later on run through a straightening machine and cut in designated lengths for the subsequent part of the process (we’ll talk a little bit more about this later). 

Welded wire mesh, also referred to as the steel wire mesh, has parallel columns and intersecting rows that are welded together in intersection by a wire mesh machine. They can come in an almost infinite amount of sizes and shapes, and of a wide variety of metal alloys. The wire netting of woven wire mesh is very similar to the process of weaving cloth, but is not the focus of today’s article. Instead, we are going to specifically look at the other type of wire mesh, the welded wire mesh.

How Do Steel Net Making Machines Work

When the wire is cut into the designated sizes, it is then fed into the wire mesh machine so that the wire netting process described above can be performed. As the wire mesh is fed through the machine, parallel lines of welds are created at the same time where the perpendicular lines intersect. The following intersection of wire is then fed into the wire mesh machine to continue the process of welding, with rows of wires constantly joining one another. 

Wire mesh machines normally carry out the wire netting by using electrical resistance as a source of heat to realize the welding. Despite other feasible welding methods, this method is typically the most economical way. Once the wire mesh reaches the desired length, a shear is used to cut the wire, produce a sheet of flat and robust welded wire mesh. Steel wire input can typically be done in one of the two ways: continuous steel wire input and straight steel wire input.

For steel net making machines with continuous wire input, wire coils are fed through a multi-straightener machine, and are then welded with the formerly straightened crossing steel wire. And as for steel net making machines with a straight wire input system, the steel wire is first fed through the machine in the right position so that It can be welded with cross wire. The input of steel wire is basically done by previously cut and straightened wire. Though this method requires workers to manually input the wire.

Different Types of Steel Wire Mesh

There are several types of welded wire mesh that can be created by a steel net making machine:

Hot Dipped Galvanized Welded Mesh: Generally speaking, this type of mesh wire is often made up of plain steel wire. It goes through a hot zinc covering phase at the time of manufacturing. It is perfect for animal cage structuring, manufacturing of wire boxes, grilling, partition building, grating purposes and machine safety fencing.

Welded Stainless Steel Mesh: This type of welded mesh wire is basically used for industrial fencing purposes. It involves the use of stainless steel with a high degree of strength and rigidity. This meshed wire is typically very long-lasting because of the corrosion resistance and is commonly used in the sectors of shipping, agriculture, mining, horticulture, entertainment and other services.

Welded Steel Bar Gratings: This type of welded mesh has the advantage such as superb strength, quick installation and affordable cost. It is typically used for grating paths, making drainage coverings and building protection walls. It is also applied in chemical plantations, grating platforms, metallurgy, etc.

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