Corrugated Roll Forming Machine

What Is Corrugated Roll Forming Machine?

The roll forming machines are typically referred to as the metal roll forming machines. This type of machine is mainly used to process sheet metal or thin metal materials in order to create particular shape, profile, or cross section configuration on the metal sheets. A corrugated roll forming machine is the device that is essentially used to form corrugated steel. The way a corrugated roll forming machine works is similar to other type of roll forming machine such as the door frame forming machine or the steel coil slitting machine except that the final results are different.

A corrugated roll forming machine has a simple structure with several stations for the metal sheet to pass through. In most cases, this type of metal product forming process is highly automated. Scarce or no human factor is involved in the making of the corrugated steel. The general structure of such machine is laid out as a production line which contains cutting, roll forming, de-coiling, and more. The entire process is efficient and productive since the machine runs on its own and once the setup is done, no adjustment is needed.

Corrugated Roll Forming Process

A typical corrugated roll forming machine contains a series of machining units to form the corrugated steel. There are the de-coiler, the roll forming station, the cutting system, and a stacker. The whole forming process can be fully automated or it can be semi automated where human operators or setters are included in certain steps. The operators can be involved either in the feeding process or the cutting process; however, the roll forming process is always automated.


The de-coiler is the feeding machine. It is the first station of a corrugated roll forming machine. The de-coiler can be seen in the mass production settings to manufacture the corrugated steel roof or the corrugated steel for building shipping containers. In these applications, the sheet metal coil will be constantly running and feeding the sheet metal into the roll forming machine. On the other hand, in the light duty manufacturing settings where the sheet metal is pre-dissected into desired length, the feeding of the sheet metal is carried out by human operators.

Corrugated Roll Forming

The corrugated roll forming station is the key component in the process. The machine consists of a set of worm-like corrugated rollers. When the metal sheet passes through the corrugated rollers, it will be squeezed and pressed into the corrugated sheet. The process is a cold metal forming process where the shaping of the metal material is performed at room temperature. The only element that is included in the forming process is pressure. After the corrugated metal sheet is formed, it will be conveyed to the cutting system to be dissected.

The Cutting System

The cutting system is made up with a cutting press that is powered by either a hydraulic system or a pneumatic system. Either way, the cutting press is controlled by the computer. As the corrugated metal sheet passes through the press, it will be cut into the predetermined length and sent to the terminal station for collection or further treatment. In a light duty corrugated metal sheet manufacturing process, the metal sheet is pre-cut into smaller pieces and the cutting system after the forming station is not needed. The corrugated steel sheets will be gathered by mechanists in this case.

The Stacker

The stacker is the terminal station in the roll forming process. It is the place where the manufactured corrugated steel is gathered and collected. The stacker here can be an auto stacker with a sorting system to put the corrugated steel into piles or it can simply be a collector of the products. In most cases, an additional finishing treatment is not required for the corrugated metal sheets here.

The Application of Corrugated Metal Sheet

The corrugated pattern offers a stronger structural strength to the metal sheets. With the wave-like pattern on the sheet, the metal is more resistant to impacts and weight loading. Therefore, the corrugated metal sheets are used mainly as construction materials. They are used to build shipping containers or the roof or walls of certain types of buildings such as factories. In addition, the corrugated metal sheets are made of resistant material that is resistant to weather damage or mold and rust. Therefore, the corrugated steel has an excellent durability and minimal maintenance is needed. These features make the corrugated steel the best material for construction applications.

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